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MCB Faculty Andrew Murray Awarded Prestigious Appointment as Harvard College Professor

MCB faculty Andrew Murray is one of the five professors from across FAS to be named a 2021 Harvard College Professor. The Harvard College Professorships are five-year appointments…

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Postdoc Spotlight: María Angélica Bravo Núñez [Murray Lab]

Postdoc María Angélica Bravo Núñez of the Murray Lab was recently named as a 2021 Hanna H. Gray Fellow, a high-profile award from HHMI that funds exceptionally promising…

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American Physical Society (APS) Showcases Video Made in Murray and Nelson Labs

Each year, the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics holds a video and poster contest, celebrating 2-3 minute videos that communicate concepts in biophysics and fluid…

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Andrew Murray, The Easy Way is Hard Enuff

As a graduate student, more than thirty years ago, I enjoyed doing experiments so much that I would go into lab on Sunday mornings secure in the knowledge…

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The (Evolutionary) Success Story of ABC Transporters [Gaudet- and Murray Labs]

Molecular machines underlie the vast diversity of the living world and are the result of millions of years of selection to optimize them for particular biochemical tasks. If…

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Evolution Can Quickly Change Cells’ Deepest Foundations [Murray Lab]

Fumasoni and Murray show how evolution can quickly and reproducibly change conserved features involved in the maintenance of genomes in response to constitutive problems affecting DNA replication. Four…

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Your Neighbors Dictate What You Can Do [Murray Lab]

Biological function, such as DNA replication and chromosome segregation, depend on the complex interactions among many different proteins. As a biological function changes during evolution, the network of…

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One-punch Triggers of Genomic Chaos [Murray Lab]

We have discovered that cancer might arise faster than previously thought: by combining evolution of yeast cells and human cell culture experiments Miguel Coelho and Andrew Murray were…

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FAS Center for Systems Biology Reflects on Two Decades of Research Camaraderie

One morning in 2006, then-Bauer-Fellow Kevin Verstrepen was presenting his lab’s work on yeasts and maltose fermentation to the other Bauer Fellows, a small group of early-career scientists…

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Patrick Stoddard (l) and Mariela Petkova Congratulations are in order for MCB graduate students Mariela Petkova from the Engert Lab and Patrick Stoddard from the Murray Lab. Each…

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