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MCO Graduate Student Part of Winning Team at “Beat the Pandemic!” Hackathon

On May 29, 2020, MCO graduate student Heer Joisher joined her college friend Sandeep Gummadi at a the MIT COVID-19 Beat the Pandemic II hackathon and emerged 48…

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Stay Connected: MCB Administration  

Michelle Cicerano, Associate Director of Faculty Services On March 2, 2020, a curveball was thrown into my life when my elderly father fell at home in Los Angeles…

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Harvard Gazette’s “Postcards from Here” Series Features Hayoung Ahn (Neuro ‘20)

Neuroscience concentrator Hayoung Ahn (‘20) is one of the most recent students to share her reflections in The Harvard Gazette’s “Postcards from Here” series, which highlights the perspectives…

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Going Back to a Greener Lab [Murthy Lab]

Another day in the lab, another trashcan full of disposable plastic. Especially on days when experiments don’t work, this hidden cost of doing scientific research becomes particularly frustrating.…

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Andrew Murray, The Easy Way is Hard Enuff

As a graduate student, more than thirty years ago, I enjoyed doing experiments so much that I would go into lab on Sunday mornings secure in the knowledge…

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Creating Community Immunity: Wong and Harvard, MIT Peers Launch Virtual Mentoring Platform to Support K-12 Students across the U.S.

When COVID-19 closed Harvard's campus and sent Junior Neuroscience and Romance Languages & Literature Concentrator Evelyn Wong back to her hometown in East Los Angeles, she thought of…

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Will Allen is Tracking Data on COVID-19’s Spread from Home

Harvard Junior Fellow William Allen is using his skill of handling large data sets to tackle the coronavirus pandemic as a collaborator on the How We Feel (HWF)…

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We would like to thank the whole MCO/MCB communities for their support and engagement during these uncertain times. We continue to work hard to provide timely information on…

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