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Graduating PhD Student Kate Shulgina’s Research Featured in Commencement Issue of In Focus

[caption]Link to full story[/caption] More about Kate's research and the Eddy lab [caption]Link to 2023 In Focus Commencement issue[/caption]  

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World Science Festival Highlights Takao Hensch in New Video

MCB faculty Takao Hensch is being featured alongside neuroscientist John Krakauer of Johns Hopkins and neurotechnologist Brett Wingeier of Magnus Medical in a video about neuroplasticity on the…

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Extavour Lab’s Cricket Embryo Research Highlighted in New York Times

The New York Times recently featured a research collaboration led by MCB and OEB faculty Cassandra Extavour in an article titled “The Mysterious Dance of the Cricket Embryos.”…

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Bellono Lab Piranha Research Highlighted in the Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette recently featured Bellono Lab research on piranha feeding habits in an article titled “They’re less terrifying than you think — but still, those teeth”. The…

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Stories in Science Highlights MCO Alum Leo Ferreira

MCO alum and current assistant professor at Medical University of South Carolina Leonardo Ferreira (Ph.D. ‘16) recently published an essay about his research into immune tolerance on the…

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MCB Faculty Matthew Meselson and colleague Franklin Stahl Featured in iBiology Video

iBiology recently published a video interview featuring MCB faculty Matthew Meselson and his colleague Franklin Stahl. In the 22-minute video, Meselson and Stahl recount the story of their…

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Harvard Magazine Cover Story Highlights MCB Faculty Venki Murthy’s Research

MCB faculty Venki Murthy was one of three Harvard researchers featured in this month’s Harvard Magazine cover story on the science of smell. COVID-19, which often causes a…

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