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Graduating PhD Student Kate Shulgina’s Research Featured in Commencement Issue of In Focus

[caption]Link to full story[/caption] More about Kate's research and the Eddy lab [caption]Link to 2023 In Focus Commencement issue[/caption]  

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Sean Eddy Appointed Harvard College Professor

MCB Chair Sean Eddy has been named as Harvard College Professor. The five-year appointment honors faculty who excel in undergraduate teaching and positively influence the educational environment at…

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Postdoc Spotlight: Jennifer Chen (Hoekstra and Eddy Labs)

Postdoc Jennifer Chen is exploring the evolution of innate behaviors in closely related species of deer mice. She conducts research jointly in the Hoekstra Lab, which specializes in…

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Kate Shulgina (Eddy Lab)

Graduate student Kate Shulgina has spent six years in the Eddy Lab developing a computational tool called Codetta that predicts variations in the genetic code that cells use…

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Eddy Lab Finds New Exceptions to the (Almost) Universal Code of Life

While humans, E. coli bacteria, and archaea look very different on the outside, they all descended from a common ancestor that lived billions of years ago. One sign…

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MCB Chair Sean Eddy Highlights Inclusion Issues and Encourages MCB Community to Try New Strategies

On MCB Chair Sean Eddy’s first day on the job, over 140 MCB community members tuned in for a “town hall” Zoom call to discuss the most pressing…

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Sean Eddy to Become New MCB Department Chair

Professor Sean Eddy has been named as the next MCB Department Chair. He will succeed current MCB Department Chair Venkatesh Murthy, when Murthy's three year term concludes on…

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Some fundamental cellular activities are directed by RNA-based machines. The RNAs in these machines adopt distinct three-dimensional structures in order to facilitate their function, much in the way…

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Sean Eddy and Elena Rivas are computational biologists at the top of their field. Hailing from the HHMI funded Janelia Research Campus just outside of Washington D.C., the…

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