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Learning the Rules of Cooperation from Ants to Make Collaborative Robots

Collective problem-solving is a prominent signature of animal societies. It’s a hallmark of the human race, but we’re not the only ones. Ants, like us, cooperate with each…

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Murthy Lab Teams with Brazilian Neuroscientists to Build a FabLab in Belo Horizonte

MCB faculty Venki Murthy, along with neuroscientists Grace Schennato Pereira Moraes and Marcio Moraes at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)  in Brazil, is part of a collaboration…

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Murthy Lab to Collaborate with NTT Research, Inc. on Biologically-Inspired AI Algorithms

MCB faculty Venki Murthy has been named a primary investigator in a new joint project between Harvard’s Center for Brain Science, where Murthy serves as Paul J. Finnegan…

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Harvard Magazine Cover Story Highlights MCB Faculty Venki Murthy’s Research

MCB faculty Venki Murthy was one of three Harvard researchers featured in this month’s Harvard Magazine cover story on the science of smell. COVID-19, which often causes a…

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MCO Graduate Student Kumaresh Krishnan and Collaborators Receive Seed for Change Grant from Mittal South Asia Institute

A team led by MCO graduate student Kumaresh Krishnan (G3) of the Engert Lab has been chosen to receive a $10,000 Seed for Change Grant from The Lakshmi…

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Postdoc Joseph Zak (Murthy Lab) Receives Polak Young Investigator Award

Postdoc Joseph Zak of the Murthy Lab has been chosen by leaders of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS) as a recipient of this year’s Polak Young Investigator…

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Venki Murthy Shares the Science of Smell Via Podcast Interviews

MCB faculty Venkatesh Murthy has been appearing on the podcast and interview radio circuit, discussing the neuroscience of smell. More people are listening to podcasts than ever before,…

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MCO Graduate Program Alum Spotlight: Jenelle Wallace

MCO Graduate Program alum Jenelle  Wallace (Ph.D. ‘20) of the Murthy Lab and Beth Stevens’ lab at Boston Children’s Hospital didn’t expect her thesis defense to take place…

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Venkatesh Murthy to Become New Director of Center for Brain Science

MCB faculty Venkatesh Murthy will succeed Joshua Sanes as Director of the Center for Brain Science, a collaborative effort that brings together neuroscience researchers from across FAS. Murthy…

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Going Back to a Greener Lab [Murthy Lab]

Another day in the lab, another trashcan full of disposable plastic. Especially on days when experiments don’t work, this hidden cost of doing scientific research becomes particularly frustrating.…

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