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MCB Sanes Lab Is One of Six Harvard Labs Contributing to Cell Census Network

MCB faculty Joshua Sanes is part of a coalition of scientists who are attempting to map and characterize all of the cell types present in mammalian brains. His…

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The Eyes Have It [Sanes Lab]

Vision begins in the retina, a part of the brain that lines the back of the eyeball. It contains complex neural circuits composed of numerous cell types that…

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How to Make Injured Neurons Survive [Sanes Lab]

It is old news that damage to our brain or spinal cord is generally irreversible, leading to a gloomy prognosis for neurodegenerative disease or traumatic injury.  More than…

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Professor Joshua Sanes Receives Honorary Degree from Hebrew University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in recognition of his contributions to neuroscience. Sanes currently serves as Co-Director of the Harvard Brain Sciences Initiative. At the ceremony on June…

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Venkatesh Murthy to Become New Director of Center for Brain Science

MCB faculty Venkatesh Murthy will succeed Joshua Sanes as Director of the Center for Brain Science, a collaborative effort that brings together neuroscience researchers from across FAS. Murthy…

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Josh Sanes Receives 2020 Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience

The McGovern Institute at MIT has named MCB faculty member Joshua Sanes as the recipient of the 2020 Edward M. Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience. Scolnick Prize awardees are…

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A Small but Important Difference [Sanes Lab]

Neurons come in a bewildering variety of shapes and sizes, with the structure of each type underlying its specific functions. A major preoccupation of developmental biologists is to…

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Weathering the Storm of Axonal Injury [Sanes Lab]

Injury to the central nervous system (brain or spinal cord) usually leads to irreversible loss of function. This is because many injured neurons die and few if any…

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Joshua Sanes Receives Cowan Award for Research on Neural Development

MCB faculty Joshua Sanes is the 2019 recipient of the W. Maxwell Cowan Award for achievement in the study of neural development. The biennial award was established in…

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MCB Professor Wins grant to Map the Eye

Joshua Sanes, the Jeff C. Tarr Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Paul J. Finnegan Family Director for Harvard’s Center for Brain Science, will head a…

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