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Lichtman Lab Teams With Google to Map 150 Million Synapses in Human Brain Sample

Since 2018, the Lichtman Lab has been painstakingly mapping every cell and synapse in a tiny brain sample from a human patient. Although the sample represents only one…

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Jeff Lichtman Awarded NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant to Map Entire Mouse Brain

MCB faculty Jeff Lichtman and his colleagues have been awarded a 30 million dollar grant from the NIH’s Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative to build…

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Lichtman Lab to Host Open House on April 14!

Students, postdocs, staff, and faculty are invited to join the Lichtman Lab for an Open House on Friday, April 14. The event will include tours of the lab, presentations…

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Preservation of Surgical Human Brain Samples to Reveal Nanometer Scale Neural Networks [Lichtman Lab]

The human brain is understudied when it comes to its cellular, subcellular, vascular, and neural micro-organization. This lack of data has a huge impact on our understanding of…

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Why Zebrafish Can’t Tickle Themselves

Any sensory experience in any animal species can originate from either an event in the outside world, such as a predator approaching, or from a stimulus generated by…

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Zhen, Samuel, and Lichtman Labs Generate Complete Synaptic Census of the C.elegans Brain As It Grows and Rewires Itself

At the cellular level, the layout of the nervous system in any given C. elegans specimen is much the same as any other: Every adult C. elegans has…

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A Neuron Published in Neuron [Lichtman Lab]

In the brain, the function of a nerve cell (a neuron) is based both on the input it receives, via synapses onto its dendrites from upstream neurons, and…

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A Closer Look at Neuronal Rewiring in Brain Development [Lichtman Lab]

In many vertebrates, neural circuits undergo substantial reorganization in early postnatal life. This reorganization strengthens some neuron-to-neuron connections, while other neuronal connections are weakened by synapse elimination. It…

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Paint Colors on a Connectomic Map [Lichtman Lab]

[caption]Tao Fang (l) and Hidde Ploegh[/caption] Brain is arguably the most complicated biological tissue. Many different cell types are intertwined and interconnected. Moreover the number of different cell…

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