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Nick Bellono’s Studies of Aquatic Adaptations Make a Splash

“I got interested in octopus, honestly, because it’s octopus and it’s really cool,” says Nicholas Bellono, MCB Associate Professor. We agree, and apparently, Nick’s obvious enthusiasm for his…

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Q&A with Nick Bellono

"Nicholas Bellono is an Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) at Harvard University. He studied cell physiology and ion channel biophysics at Brown…

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To Sting or Not to Sting: How Changes to an Ion Channel Shape Sea Anemone Stinging [Bellono Lab]

Sea anemones are known for stinging, but not all anemones sting alike. By comparing two related anemones, the Bellono Lab has identified a small change in how a…

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Sensory Receptor Evolution in Octopus and Squid [Bellono Lab]

Cephalopods like octopus and squid are well known for their repertoire of sophisticated behaviors governed by their elaborate nervous systems that are comparable in size to complex vertebrates,…

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Nicholas Bellono, Who Studies Sensory Biology and Cell Physiology within MCB, has been Promoted to Associate Professor

“Any recognition I receive is a reflection of the great people I get to work with in my lab, our amazing collaborators, fantastic departmental staff, and my supportive…

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Bellono Lab Piranha Research Highlighted in the Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette recently featured Bellono Lab research on piranha feeding habits in an article titled “They’re less terrifying than you think — but still, those teeth”. The…

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Staff Spotlight: Peter Kilian and Brittany Walsh of the Bellono Lab

Animal technicians Peter Kilian and Brittany Walsh of the Bellono Lab spent the early weeks of 2020 burning the midnight oil to finish a set of octopus behavior…

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Investigating How the Octopus ‘Tastes’ by Touch [Bellono Lab]

Octopuses are invertebrates known for their advanced intelligence and sophisticated foraging (or escape!) behaviors. These features are facilitated by a peripherally-distributed nervous system that enables advanced sensation and…

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To Sting, or Not to Sting? [Bellono Lab]

Most ocean swimmers are aware, either through warnings from others or firsthand experience, of the painful, itching and burning sensation that can come from an encounter with a…

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