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Staff Spotlight: Peter Kilian and Brittany Walsh of the Bellono Lab

Animal technicians Peter Kilian and Brittany Walsh of the Bellono Lab spent the early weeks of 2020 burning the midnight oil to finish a set of octopus behavior…

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Investigating How the Octopus ‘Tastes’ by Touch [Bellono Lab]

Octopuses are invertebrates known for their advanced intelligence and sophisticated foraging (or escape!) behaviors. These features are facilitated by a peripherally-distributed nervous system that enables advanced sensation and…

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To Sting, or Not to Sting? [Bellono Lab]

Most ocean swimmers are aware, either through warnings from others or firsthand experience, of the painful, itching and burning sensation that can come from an encounter with a…

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Nick Bellono Receives the New York Stem Cell Foundation’s Robertson Award

  The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) has named MCB faculty Nicholas Bellono as a recipient of the 2019 Robertson Investigator Award. The award provides five years…

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Nick Bellono Awarded Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship!

MCB faculty Nick Bellono has been named as a Klingenstein-Simons Fellow in Neuroscience. The Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship, sponsored by the Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund and the Simons…

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A Mechanistic Approach with Nicholas Bellono

MCB’s new assistant professor, Nicholas Bellono, has an eye for detail. In his sensory biology lab, students will be encouraged to figure out how cells respond to stimuli,…

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Nick Bellono Selected as 2019 Searle Scholar

Since 1980, the prestigious Searle Scholars Program has funded early-career scientists who show exceptional promise. MCB faculty Nick Bellono has been selected as one of this year’s 15…

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Nick Bellono Chosen As 2019 Sloan Research Fellow

MCB professor Nicholas Bellono has been chosen as a 2019 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience. Each year, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards $70,000 to 126…

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MCB Welcomes Professor Nick Bellono!

Nick Bellono's faculty profile Bellono lab website Nick Bellono's most recent publication in Nature  

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Investigating How Sharks and Skates Sense Electric Fields [Bellono Lab]

Sensory systems evolve to detect and transduce stimuli that are most relevant to an animal’s physiological or behavioral context. Ancient cartilaginous fishes, such as sharks, skates, and rays,…

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