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Job Opportunities Post-Doctoral Positions

Post-Doctoral Positions


The Department is actively seeking postdoctoral fellows in a wide variety of fields within molecular and cellular biology. We are seeking highly creative and motivated postdocs with broad interests and outstanding graduate training. We encourage applicants from various backgrounds and promote diversity throughout the University. Postdoctoral appointments are initially 1 year in duration, renewable on an annual basis.

Interested individuals should apply to the faculty member directly. A link to each faculty member’s contact information and website can be found on the Faculty Profiles page.

Harvard University is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, protected veteran status, disability, genetic information, military service, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, or other protected status.

Immediate openings are listed below.

Bellono, Nicholas         Postdoc openings in the Bellono lab

Interests: Explore molecular adaptations underlying unique behaviors. Octopus, sharks, jellyfish, photosynthetic animals, walking fish, and more. Background in cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, structure, other molecular approaches.

Hekstra, Doeke     Hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests: The physical basis of protein function.  More Information

Kleckner, Nancy         Seeking exceptionally qualified candidates

Interests: Chromosomes; motion, mechanics, DNA dynamics and spatial patterning

Meselson, Matthew      PostDoc Position in Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology

Interests: bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, DNA sequence assembly and analysis.  More Information

Nett, Ryan    Postdoc openings in the Nett lab

Interests: The Nett lab seeks to understand the mechanisms by which plants synthesize complex, bioactive small molecules, as well as how these molecules function in nature and within the context of human health. We are looking to hire postdoctoral fellows that share this interest in understanding the intricacies of plant chemistry and biology.  More information

Prigozhin, Maxim       Recruiting Postdoctoral Fellows

Interests: Multicolor and time-resolved electron microscopy of cell signaling. More Information

Rivas, Elena     Hiring Multiple Postdoctoral Fellows!

Interests: Seeking postdocs in computational biology working at the interface of probabilistic and evolutionary models interested in remote homology problems. More Information

Interests: Seeking a postdoc in computational biology with an interest in creating new methods for the identification and characterization of structural RNAs and to advance the study of structural RNA biology. More Information

Whipple, Amanda   Multiple postdoc positions available in RNA biology, neurobiology, and computational biology

Interests: Gene regulatory mechanisms underlying genomic imprinting and functions of imprinted non-coding RNAs in neurophysiology and disease. More information