Job Opportunities Post-Doctoral Positions

Post-Doctoral Positions


The Department is actively seeking postdoctoral fellows in a wide variety of fields within molecular and cellular biology. We are seeking highly creative and motivated postdocs with broad interests and outstanding graduate training. We encourage applicants from various backgrounds and promote diversity throughout the University. Postdoctoral appointments are initially 1 year in duration, renewable on an annual basis.

Interested individuals should apply to the faculty member directly. A link to each faculty member’s contact information and website can be found on the Faculty Profiles page.

Immediate openings are listed below.

Dr. Mor Nitzan       Postdoctoral Position in Machine Learning and Design of Biological Systems

Interests: Spatial and temporal aspects of interaction patterns in biological systems


Ovchinnikov Lab  Postdoctoral Position in Structural and Evolutionary Biology

Interests: Evolution, phylogenetics, structural biology,metagenomics, machine learning and/or bioinformatics

BERG                      Experimentalist with strong quantitative skills in biophysics

Interests: Flagellar rotary motor and bacterial chemosensory transduction

Kleckner                 Seeking exceptionally qualified candidates

Interests: Chromosomes; motion, mechanics, DNA dynamics and spatial patterning