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CPB Concentrator Benjamin Chang (‘24) Crosses the Charles River…in a Pumpkin

CPB and Computer Science concentrator Benjamin Chang (‘24) rowed across the Charles last weekend in a giant pumpkin. Although pumpkin regattas are a beloved tradition in some places,…

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DNA Folding Choices Made in Stem Cells Determines How Genes are Expressed in the Brain [Whipple Lab]

A new study led by MCO graduate student Daniel Loftus of the Whipple Lab has found that differences in maternal and paternal genomes in embryonic stem cells shape…

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Israel – Gaza Conflict

Like President Gay, we in MCB condemn the terrorist atrocities perpetrated by Hamas and wish to express our shock at the horrors and suffering unfolding since then in…

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Alain Viel Named Chairholder for UNESCO Chair on Life Sciences and Social Innovation

Alain Viel has taken the helm of the UNESCO Chair on Life Sciences and Social Innovation, a position initially held by the late Rob Lue, an education innovator…

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MCB Scientists Retreated to the Cape

Last weekend, MCB hosted its annual Research Retreat, a weekend packed with science, fun activities, and opportunities to interact with others in the MCB community.   Scientific highlights of…

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Golden Goose Awarded for “Impossible” Success of Nanopore DNA Sequencing

Daniel Branton, Harvard’s Higgins Professor of Biology, Emeritus, and his collaborators David Deamer and Mark Akeson at the University of California, Santa Cruz, are among the 2023 Golden…

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Jeff Lichtman Awarded NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant to Map Entire Mouse Brain

MCB faculty Jeff Lichtman and his colleagues have been awarded a 30 million dollar grant from the NIH’s Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative to build…

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New Faculty Spotlight: Carolyn Elya

Biologist Carolyn Elya will join MCB as a junior faculty member starting in January. Her research centers on a fungus called Entomophthora that infects flies and turns them…

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Gaudet Brings Curiosity and Service to Role as New MCB Chair

Rachelle Gaudet’s two-plus decades at Harvard can be categorized as curiosity- and service-driven. And as of July 2023, she is bringing that perspective to her position as chair…

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