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Three Neuroscience Concentrators Elected to PBK

Neuroscience concentrators Anahita Iyer (‘19), EJ Kim (‘19), and Sanjay Patil (‘19) have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa (PBK), the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society…

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Neurobiology student inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Nathan Williams, class of ‘19, has been invited to join the Phi Beta Kappa (ΦΒΚ) honors society. He will join 23 other juniors who have been chosen this…

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Four MCB Students and Three CPB Students Inducted to Phi Beta Kappa

This year seven graduating seniors in concentrations administered by the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology were inducted to the Harvard chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa (ΦΒΚ) honor society.…

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Three CPB Students Inducted to Phi Beta Kappa

Congratulations to three juniors from the Chemical and Physical Biology (CPB) program - Alan Gao, Eric Li, and Brittany Petros - who have been chosen to join the…

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(l to r) Eric B. Zheng, Jonathan A. Marks, Julia M. Y. Pian, Olive W. Tang, Perry S. Choi Five undergraduates in concentrations administered by MCB have been…

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