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SROH 2023 Introduces Undergrads to Life as MCO Student

For 10 weeks over the summer, five undergraduate scientists from around the country were given the opportunity to live like a Harvard MCO graduate student as part of…

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Raising a Translation Factor: A Novel Co-chaperone Family Guides eEF1A to Maturity [Denic Lab]

All cells contain a network of molecular chaperones that help other proteins (often called “clients”) fold into functional three-dimensional conformations. Decades of research on chaperones has led to…

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Grad Student Spotlight: Dustin Tillman

MCO graduate student Dustin Tillman (G5) has received an F31 Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS). The fellowship…

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Julien Barrere, Xiaomeng Han, Neha Karlupia, and Catherine Weiner Honored by Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Four MCB community members—Julien Barrere, Xiaomeng Han, Neha Karlupia, and Catherine Weiner—have been honored with teaching certificates from the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. Awarded to only…

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You Can’t Learn Too Much: How Brain Representations of Complex Odor Mixtures Evolve with Experience [Murthy Lab]

The piriform cortex in the mammalian brain is the largest cortical region that receives direct sensory input from the olfactory bulb as well as complex top-down inputs from…

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Science in the News Brings New Research to Broad Audiences

Science in the News (SITN) is an initiative created to build a communication bridge between science-trainees and a curious public, offering everything from blog posts and graphics to…

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Garner Lab Discovers How Bacteria Control the Number of Protein Machines Building Their Cell Wall

Experiments by the Garner Lab have yielded insights into how bacteria control their rate of growth of their external cell wall in response to the nutrients they are…

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Rats Take Their Time When Learning and Earn More Rewards Overall, Study Finds

A recently published paper, authored by alumni of the Cox Lab and the MCO program, suggests that slow initial decision making can lead to reaping big rewards through…

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