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Sean Eddy to Become New MCB Department Chair

Professor Sean Eddy has been named as the next MCB Department Chair. He will succeed current MCB Department Chair Venkatesh Murthy, when Murthy's three year term concludes on…

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Learning Quickly about What is Rewarding [Murthy Lab]

There is widespread interest in many forms of learning among neuroscientists, as well as the artificial intelligence community. In particular, one type of learning, known as reinforcement learning,…

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Microglia Help New Neurons Make the Right Connections [Murthy Lab]

Historically, it was thought that the brain lacked an immune system because the blood-brain barrier prevents the entry of immune cells from the rest of the body. However,…

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Murthy and Dulac Appear in Panel Discussion about Science and History of Scent

Today, The Harvard Gazette featured a recent panel discussion about the science and cultural significance of scent. The panel included MCB faculty and Chair Venkatesh Murthy, along with…

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Grad Student Jenelle Wallace of the Murthy Lab Wins Bowdoin Prize for Essay Writing

Graduate student Jenelle Wallace (G7) of the Murthy Lab has been named as one of four recipients of the 2019-2020 Bowdoin Prize for Graduate Students, which honors original…

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Venki Murthy Comments on SEAS’s Move to Allston

MCB Chair, Venki Murthy, is quoted  in the Harvard Crimson. Murthy lab website    

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Venkatesh Murthy Honored for Excellence in Mentoring

MCB chair Venkatesh Murthy has received the Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award. The award, presented by the GSAS Graduate Student Council (GSC), recognizes a handful of faculty…

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Staying on Track: A Look at How Ants Sense the World [Murthy Lab]

The world is a complicated place. In order to survive, an animal must detect and extract useful information from the environment to guide its behavior. Few animals do…

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In the Olfactory Bulb, Being Normal Goes Against the Norm [Murthy Lab]

Perhaps the first lesson that we learn in any neuroscience course involves defining the unique properties of neurons. Neurons, we learn, are polarised entities where information flows from…

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