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Howard Berg

Motile behavior of bacteria: sensory transduction in bacterial chemotaxis (in E. coli), dynamics of the flagellar rotary motor, propulsion of non-flagellated bacteria

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Philippe Cluzel

Real-time systems analysis of signal transduction and genetic networks at the single cell level

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Victoria D'Souza

Molecular mechanisms underlying viral genomic RNA – host interactions

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Vlad Denic

Mechanisms of membrane-associated cell biological processes.

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Ethan Garner

High resolution dynamic and spatial studies of prokaryotic cellular organization

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Nancy Kleckner

Chromosomes: motion, mechanics, DNA dynamics and spatial patterning

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Daniel Needleman

Quantitative studies of biological self-organization, and the architecture and dynamics of subcellular structures.

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David Nelson

Force-induced denaturation of DNA, sequence heterogeneity and the dynamics of motor proteins, population growth and mutation in disordered media

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