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Cassandra Extavour

Evolution of molecular and developmental mechanisms controlling cell fate decisions

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Takao Hensch

Experience-dependent brain development; critical periods

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Sam Kunes

Development of the nervous system, synaptic plasticity, behavior and evolution

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Jeff Lichtman

Neurobiology Head Tutor Santiago Ramón y Cajal Professor of Arts and Sciences

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Richard Losick

Microbial development and gene regulation (not taking students)

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Susan Mango

Developmental plasticity, epigenetics and cell fate specification; environmental signaling in development (not taking students)

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Matthew Meselson

Molecular genetics and evolution (not taking students)

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Joshua Sanes

Assembly and function of neural circuits in the visual system (not taking students)

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Alex Schier

Developmental Genetics and Neurobiology (not taking students)

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Kevin Eggan

Mammalian genetics, the biology of embryonic stem cells and regulation of developmental potency

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