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2020 Publications

3 publications listed for 2020

  1. Stoddard, PR, Lynch, EM, Farrell, DP, Dosey, AM, DiMaio, F, Williams, TA, Kollman, JM, Murray, AW, and Garner, EC. (2020) Polymerization in the actin ATPase clan regulates hexokinase activity in yeast. Science, 367(6481):1039-1042.
  2. Sawh, AN, Shafer, MER, Su, JH, Zhuang, X, Wang, S, and Mango, SE. (2020) Lamina-Dependent Stretching and Unconventional Chromosome Compartments in Early C.elegans Embryos. Mol Cell, .
  3. Maini, V, Nol, P, Luescher, MU, Kiamehr, S, Le, C, Bisanz, JE, Turnbaugh, PJ, Bess, EN, and Balskus, EP. (2020) A widely distributed metalloenzyme class enables gut microbial metabolism of host- and diet-derived catechols. Elife, 9.