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2018 Publications

36 publications listed for 2018

  1. Masis, J, Mankus, D, Wolff, SBE, Guitchounts, G, Joesch, M, and Cox, DD. (2018) A Micro-CT-based Method for Characterizing Lesions and Locating Electrodes in Small Animal Brains. J Vis Exp, (141).
  2. Moffitt, JR, Bambah-Mukku, D, Eichhorn, SW, Vaughn, E, Shekhar, K, Perez, JD, Rubinstein, ND, Hao, J, Regev, A, Dulac, C, and Zhuang, X. (2018) Molecular, spatial and functional single-cell profiling of the hypothalamic preoptic region. Science, .
  3. Jordi, J, Guggiana-Nilo, D, Bolton, AD, Prabha, S, Ballotti, K, Herrera, K, Rennekamp, AJ, Peterson, RT, Lutz, TA, and Engert, F. (2018) High-throughput screening for selective appetite modulators: A multibehavioral and translational drug discovery strategy. Sci Adv, 4(10):eaav1966.
  4. Bintu, B, Mateo, LJ, Su, JH, Sinnott-Armstrong, NA, Parker, M, Kinrot, S, Yamaya, K, Boettiger, AN, and Zhuang, X. (2018) Super-resolution chromatin tracing reveals domains and cooperative interactions in single cells. Science, 362(6413).
  5. Rohs, PDA, Buss, J, Sim, SI, Squyres, GR, Srisuknimit, V, Smith, M, Cho, H, Sjodt, M, Kruse, AC, Garner, EC, Walker, S, Kahne, DE, and Bernhardt, TG. (2018) A central role for PBP2 in the activation of peptidoglycan polymerization by the bacterial cell elongation machinery. PLoS Genet, 14(10):e1007726.
  6. Pham, VV, Salguero, C, Khan, SN, Meagher, JL, Brown, WC, Humbert, N, de, H, Smith, JL, and D’Souza, VM. (2018) HIV-1 Tat interactions with cellular 7SK and viral TAR RNAs identifies dual structural mimicry. Nat Commun, 9(1):4266.
  7. Kim, S, Kerns, SJ, Ziesack, M, Bry, L, Gerber, GK, Way, JC, and Silver, PA. (2018) Quorum Sensing Can Be Repurposed To Promote Information Transfer between Bacteria in the Mammalian Gut. ACS Synth Biol, 7(9):2270-2281.
  8. Spady, ES, Wyche, TP, Rollins, NJ, Clardy, J, Way, JC, and Silver, PA. (2018) Mammalian Cells Engineered To Produce New Steroids. Chembiochem, 19(17):1827-1833.
  9. Menegas, W, Akiti, K, Amo, R, Uchida, N, and Watabe-Uchida, M. (2018) Dopamine neurons projecting to the posterior striatum reinforce avoidance of threatening stimuli. Nat Neurosci, .
  10. Little, K, Tipping, MJ, and Gibbs, KA. (2018) Swarmer Cell Development of the Bacterium Proteus mirabilis Requires the Conserved Enterobacterial Common Antigen Biosynthesis Gene rffG. J Bacteriol, 200(18).
  11. Mutlu, B, Chen, HM, Moresco, JJ, Orelo, BD, Yang, B, Gaspar, JM, Keppler-Ross, S, Yates, 3rd, Hall, DH, Maine, EM, and Mango, SE. (2018) Regulated nuclear accumulation of a histone methyltransferase times the onset of heterochromatin formation in C. elegans embryos. Sci Adv, 4(8):eaat6224.
  12. Gehrke, JM, Cervantes, O, Clement, MK, Wu, Y, Zeng, J, Bauer, DE, Pinello, L, and Joung, JK. (2018) An APOBEC3A-Cas9 base editor with minimized bystander and off-target activities. Nat Biotechnol, .
  13. Darnell, AM, Subramaniam, AR, and O’Shea, EK. (2018) Translational Control through Differential Ribosome Pausing during Amino Acid Limitation in Mammalian Cells. Mol Cell, 71(2):229-243.e11.
  14. Bisson-Filho, AW, Zheng, J, and Garner, E. (2018) Archaeal imaging: leading the hunt for new discoveries. Mol Biol Cell, 29(13):1675-1681.
  15. Zak, JD, Grimaud, J, Li, RC, Lin, CC, and Murthy, VN. (2018) Calcium-activated chloride channels clamp odor-evoked spike activity in olfactory receptor neurons. Sci Rep, 8(1):10600.
  16. Zhang, Y, Burberry, A, Wang, JY, Sandoe, J, Ghosh, S, Udeshi, ND, Svinkina, T, Mordes, DA, Mok, J, Charlton, M, Li, QZ, Carr, SA, and Eggan, K. (2018) The C9orf72-interacting protein Smcr8 is a negative regulator of autoimmunity and lysosomal exocytosis. Genes Dev, 32(13-14):929-943.
  17. Hong, G, Fu, TM, Qiao, M, Viveros, RD, Yang, X, Zhou, T, Lee, JM, Park, HG, Sanes, JR, and Lieber, CM. (2018) A method for single-neuron chronic recording from the retina in awake mice. Science, 360(6396):1447-1451.
  18. Zhang, G, Baidin, V, Pahil, KS, Moison, E, Tomasek, D, Ramadoss, NS, Chatterjee, AK, McNamara, CW, Young, TS, Schultz, PG, Meredith, TC, and Kahne, D. (2018) Cell-based screen for discovering lipopolysaccharide biogenesis inhibitors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 115(26):6834-6839.
  19. Zepeda Rivera, MA, Saak, CC, and Gibbs, KA. (2018) A Proposed Chaperone of the Bacterial Type VI Secretion System Functions To Constrain a Self-Identity Protein. J Bacteriol, 200(14).
  20. Farrell, JA, Wang, Y, Riesenfeld, SJ, Shekhar, K, Regev, A, and Schier, AF. (2018) Single-cell reconstruction of developmental trajectories during zebrafish embryogenesis. Science, 360(6392).
  21. Grimaud, J, and Murthy, VN. (2018) How to Monitor the Breathing of Laboratory Rodents: A Review of the Current Methods. J Neurophysiol, .
  22. Chittim, CL, Irwin, SM, and Balskus, EP. (2018) Deciphering Human Gut Microbiota-Nutrient Interactions: A Role for Biochemistry. Biochemistry, 57(18):2567-2577.
  23. Ziesack, M, Rollins, N, Shah, A, Dusel, B, Webster, G, Silver, PA, and Way, JC. (2018) Chimeric Fatty Acyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Thioesterases Provide Mechanistic Insight into Enzyme Specificity and Expression. Appl Environ Microbiol, 84(10).
  24. Maini Rekdal V, and Balskus, EP. (2018) Gut Microbiota: Rational Manipulation of Gut Bacterial Metalloenzymes Provides Insights into Dysbiosis and Inflammation. Biochemistry, 57(16):2291-2293.
  25. Barutcu, AR, Maass, PG, Lewandowski, JP, Weiner, CL, and Rinn, JL. (2018) A TAD boundary is preserved upon deletion of the CTCF-rich Firre locus. Nat Commun, 9(1):1444.
  26. Kohl, J, Babayan, BM, Rubinstein, ND, Autry, AE, Marin-Rodriguez, B, Kapoor, V, Miyamishi, K, Zweifel, LS, Luo, L, Uchida, N, and Dulac, C. (2018) Functional circuit architecture underlying parental behaviour. Nature, 556(7701):326-331.
  27. Masis, J, Mankus, D, Wolff, SBE, Guitchounts, G, Joesch, M, and Cox, DD. (2018) A micro-CT-based method for quantitative brain lesion characterization and electrode localization. Sci Rep, 8(1):5184.
  28. Maass, PG, Barutcu, AR, Weiner, CL, and Rinn, JL. (2018) Inter-chromosomal Contact Properties in Live-Cell Imaging and in Hi-C. Mol Cell, 69(6):1039-1045.e3.
  29. Lee, J, Sutterlin, HA, Wzorek, JS, Mandler, MD, Hagan, CL, Grabowicz, M, Tomasek, D, May, MD, Hart, EM, Silhavy, TJ, and Kahne, D. (2018) Substrate binding to BamD triggers a conformational change in BamA to control membrane insertion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 115(10):2359-2364.
  30. McGee, JH, Shim, SY, Lee, SJ, Swanson, PK, Jiang, SY, Durney, MA, and Verdine, GL. (2018) Exceptionally high-affinity Ras binders that remodel its effector domain. J Biol Chem, 293(9):3265-3280.
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  32. Galonska, C, Charlton, J, Mattei, AL, Donaghey, J, Clement, K, Gu, H, Mohammad, AW, Stamenova, EK, Cacchiarelli, D, Klages, S, Timmermann, B, Cantz, T, Schler, HR, Gnirke, A, Ziller, MJ, and Meissner, A. (2018) Genome-wide tracking of dCas9-methyltransferase footprints. Nat Commun, 9(1):597.
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  34. Kunjapur, AM, Stork, DA, Kuru, E, Vargas-Rodriguez, O, Landon, M, Sll, D, and Church, GM. (2018) Engineering posttranslational proofreading to discriminate nonstandard amino acids. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 115(3):619-624.
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