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Publications 2010

42 Publications listed for 2010:

  1. Roeffaers, MB, Zhang, X, Freudiger, CW, Saar, BG, van Ruijven, M, van Dalen, G, Xiao, C, and Xie, XS. (2010) Label-free imaging of biomolecules in food products using stimulated Raman microscopy. J Biomed Opt, 15(6):066016. PMID:21198190
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  2. Nijhuis, CA, Reus, WF, and Whitesides, GM. (2010) Mechanism of rectification in tunneling junctions based on molecules with asymmetric potential drops. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132(51):18386-401. PMID:21126089
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  3. Wimbush, KS, Reus, WF, van der Wiel, WG, Reinhoudt, DN, Whitesides, GM, Nijhuis, CA, and Velders, AH. (2010) Control over rectification in supramolecular tunneling junctions. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., 49(52):10176-80. PMID: 21117107
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  4. Paradis-Bleau, C, Markovski, M, Uehara, T,Lupoli, TJ, Walker, S, Kahne, DE, and Bernhardt, TG. (2010) Lipoprotein cofactors located in the outer membrane activate bacterial cell wall polymerases. Cell, 143(7):1110-20. PMID: 21183074PMC3085243
    Daniel Kahne Lab (CCB)
  5. Datta, SS, Shum, HC, and Weitz, DA. (2010) Controlled buckling and crumpling of nanoparticle-coated droplets. Langmuir, 26(24):18612-6. PMID: 21086995
    David Weitz Lab (SEAS)
  6. Shaw, BF, Arthanari, H, Narovlyansky, M, Durazo, A, Frueh, DP, Pollastri, MP, Lee, A, Bilgicer, B, Gygi, SP, Wagner, G, andWhitesides, GM. (2010) Neutralizing positive charges at the surface of a protein lowers its rate of amide hydrogen exchange without altering its structure or increasing its thermostability. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132(49):17411-25. PMID: 21090618PMC3135700
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  7. Sangaj, N, Kyriakakis, P, Yang, D, Chang, CW, Arya, G, and Varghese, S. (2010) Heparin mimicking polymer promotes myogenic differentiation of muscle progenitor cells. Biomacromolecules, 11(12):3294-300. PMID: 21058638
    Mara Prentiss Lab (PHYSICS)
  8. Kim, KP, Weiner, BM, Zhang, L, Jordan, A, Dekker, J, and Kleckner, N. (2010) Sister cohesion and structural axis components mediate homolog bias of meiotic recombination. Cell, 143(6):924-37. PMID:21145459 PMC3033573
    Nancy Kleckner Lab (MCB)
  9. Saar, BG, Freudiger, CW, Reichman, J, Stanley, CM, Holtom, GR, and Xie, XS. (2010) Video-rate molecular imaging in vivo with stimulated Raman scattering. Science, 330(6009):1368-70. PMID:21127249 PMC3462359
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  10. Lo, SM, and Francis, NJ. (2010) Inhibition of chromatin remodeling by polycomb group protein posterior sex combs is mechanistically distinct from nucleosome binding. Biochemistry, 49(44):9438-48. PMID: 20873869 PMC3037448
    Nicole Francis Lab (MCB)
  11. Wang, K, Freudiger, CW, Lee, JH, Saar, BG, Xie, XS, and Xu, C. (2010) Synchronized time-lens source for coherent Raman scattering microscopy. Opt Express, 18(23):24019-24. PMID: 21164749PMC3408908
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  12. Buchanan, SM, Schalm, SS, and Maniatis, T. (2010) Proteolytic processing of protocadherin proteins requires endocytosis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 107(41):17774-9. PMID: 20876099PMC2955128
    Tom Maniatis Lab (MCB)
  13. Nijhuis, CA, Reus, WF, Barber, JR, Dickey, MD, and Whitesides, GM. (2010) Charge transport and rectification in arrays of SAM-based tunneling junctions. Nano Lett., 10(9):3611-9. PMID: 20718403
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  14. Lipomi, DJ, Martinez, RV, Rioux, RM, Cademartiri, L, Reus, WF, and Whitesides, GM. (2010) Survey of materials for nanoskiving and influence of the cutting process on the nanostructures produced. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 2(9):2503-14. PMID: 20815347
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  15. Kleiner, RE, Dumelin, CE, Tiu, GC, Sakurai, K, and Liu, DR. (2010) In vitro selection of a DNA-templated small-molecule library reveals a class of macrocyclic kinase inhibitors. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132(33):11779-91. PMID: 20681606PMC2924185
    David Liu Lab (CCB)
  16. Fomina-Yadlin, D, Kubicek, S, Walpita, D, Dancik, V, Hecksher-Sørensen, J, Bittker, JA, Sharifnia, T, Shamji, A, Clemons, PA, Wagner, BK, and Schreiber, SL. (2010) Small-molecule inducers of insulin expression in pancreatic alpha-cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 107(34):15099-104. PMID: 20696901PMC2930573
    Stuart Schreiber Lab (CCB)
  17. Schalm, SS, Ballif, BA, Buchanan, SM, Phillips, GR, and Maniatis, T. (2010) Phosphorylation of protocadherin proteins by the receptor tyrosine kinase Ret. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 107(31):13894-9. PMID: 20616001 PMC2922223
    Tom Maniatis Lab (MCB)
  18. Taniguchi, Y, Choi, PJ, Li, GW, Chen, H, Babu, M, Hearn, J, Emili, A, and Xie, XS. (2010) Quantifying E. coli proteome and transcriptome with single-molecule sensitivity in single cells. Science, 329(5991):533-8. PMID: 20671182PMC2922915
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  19. Saar, BG, Zeng, Y, Freudiger, CW, Liu, YS, Himmel, ME, Xie, XS, and Ding, SY. (2010) Label-free, real-time monitoring of biomass processing with stimulated Raman scattering microscopy. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., 49(32):5476-9. PMID: 20589818
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  20. Mehlitz, A, Banhart, S, Mäurer, AP,Kaushansky, A, Gordus, AG, Zielecki, J,MacBeath, G, and Meyer, TF. (2010) Tarp regulates early Chlamydia-induced host cell survival through interactions with the human adaptor protein SHC1. J. Cell Biol., 190(1):143-57. PMID: 20624904PMC2911661
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  21. Pieper, AA, Xie, S, Capota, E, Estill, SJ, Zhong, J, Long, JM, Becker, GL, Huntington, P, Goldman, SE, Shen, CH, Capota, M, Britt, JK, Kotti, T, Ure, K, Brat, DJ, Williams, NS, MacMillan, KS, Naidoo, J, Melito, L, Hsieh, J, De Brabander, J, Ready, JM, and McKnight, SL. (2010) Discovery of a proneurogenic, neuroprotective chemical. Cell, 142(1):39-51. PMID: 20603013 PMC2930815
    Sharad Ramanathan Lab (MCB)
  22. Levy, C, Khaled, M, Robinson, KC,Veguilla, RA, Chen, PH, Yokoyama, S, Makino, E, Lu, J, Larue, L, Beermann, F, Chin, L, Bosenberg, M, Song, JS, andFisher, DE. (2010) Lineage-specific transcriptional regulation of DICER by MITF in melanocytes. Cell, 141(6):994-1005. PMID: 20550935 PMC2897150
    David Fisher Lab (MGH)
  23. Sam Kunes Lab (MCB)
  24. Tang, Y, and Cohen, AE. (2010) Optical chirality and its interaction with matter. Phys. Rev. Lett., 104(16):163901. PMID:20482049
    Adam Cohen Lab (CCB)
  25. Zeng, L, Liu, W, Zhuang, X, Wu, J, Wang, P, and Zhang, W. (2010) Highly selective recognition of carbenicillin via concerted interactions in 100% aqueous solution. Chem. Commun. (Camb.), 46(14):2435-7. PMID: 20379550
    Xiaowei Zhuang Lab (CCB)
  26. Lone, AM, Nolte, WM, Tinoco, AD, andSaghatelian, A. (2010) Peptidomics of the prolyl peptidases. AAPS J, 12(4):483-91. PMID: 20552307 PMC2976987
    Alan Saghatelian Lab (CCB)
  27. Kaushansky, A, Allen, JE, Gordus, A,Stiffler, MA, Karp, ES, Chang, BH, andMacBeath, G. (2010) Quantifying protein-protein interactions in high throughput using protein domain microarrays. Nat Protoc, 5(4):773-90. PMID: 20360771PMC3085283
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  28. Polo, JM, Liu, S, Figueroa, ME, Kulalert, W, Eminli, S, Tan, KY, Apostolou, E, Stadtfeld, M, Li, Y, Shioda, T, Natesan, S,Wagers, AJ, Melnick, A, Evans, T, and Hochedlinger, K. (2010) Cell type of origin influences the molecular and functional properties of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells. Nat. Biotechnol., 28(8):848-55. PMID: 20644536 PMC3148605
    Amy Wagers Lab (SCRB)
  29. Budin, I, and Szostak, JW. (2010) Expanding roles for diverse physical phenomena during the origin of life. Annu Rev Biophys, 39:245-63. PMID: 20192779
    Jack Szostak Lab (HMS GENETICS)
  30. Nie, Z, Nijhuis, CA, Gong, J, Chen, X, Kumachev, A, Martinez, AW, Narovlyansky, M, and Whitesides, GM. (2010) Electrochemical sensing in paper-based microfluidic devices. Lab Chip, 10(4):477-83. PMID: 20126688 PMC3065124
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  31. Steinmeyer, JD, Gilleland, CL, Pardo-Martin, C, Angel, M, Rohde, CB, Scott, MA, and Yanik, MF. (2010) Construction of a femtosecond laser microsurgery system. Nat Protoc, 5(3):395-407. PMID: 20203659
    Mehmet Fatih Yanik Lab (MIT-NEURO)
  32. Ahn, JY, and Lee, JT. (2010) Retinoic acid accelerates downregulation of the Xist repressor, Oct4, and increases the likelihood of Xist activation when Tsix is deficient. BMC Dev. Biol., 10:90. PMID:20727175 PMC2933617
    Jeannie Lee Lab (HMS GENETICS)
  33. Niakan, KK, Ji, H, Maehr, R, Vokes, SA, Rodolfa, KT, Sherwood, RI, Yamaki, M, Dimos, JT, Chen, AE, Melton, DA, McMahon, AP, and Eggan, K. (2010) Sox17 promotes differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells by directly regulating extraembryonic gene expression and indirectly antagonizing self-renewal. Genes Dev., 24(3):312-26. PMID: 20123909PMC2811832
    Doug Melton Lab (SCRB)
  34. Traag, BA, Driks, A, Stragier, P, Bitter, W, Broussard, G, Hatfull, G, Chu, F, Adams, KN, Ramakrishnan, L, and Losick, R. (2010) Do mycobacteria produce endospores?. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 107(2):878-81. PMID: 20080769PMC2818926
    Richard Losick Lab (MCB)
  35. Pardo-Martin, C, Chang, TY, Koo, BK, Gilleland, CL, Wasserman, SC, and Yanik, MF. (2010) High-throughput in vivo vertebrate screening. Nat. Methods, 7(8):634-6. PMID: 20639868 PMC2941625
    Mehmet Fatih Yanik Lab (MIT-NEURO)
  36. Datta, S. S. (2010). Wetting and energetics in nanoparticle etching of graphene. Journal of Applied Physics, 108(2), 024307. doi:10.1063/1.3456100
    David Weitz Lab (SEAS)
  37. Shen-Orr, SS, Pilpel, Y, and Hunter, CP. (2010) Composition and regulation of maternal and zygotic transcriptomes reflects species-specific reproductive mode. Genome Biol., 11(6):R58. PMID: 20515465PMC2911106
    Craig Hunter Lab (MCB)
  38. Boettcher, JP, Kirchner, M, Churin, Y,Kaushansky, A, Pompaiah, M, Thorn, H, Brinkmann, V, MacBeath, G, and Meyer, TF. (2010) Tyrosine-phosphorylated caveolin-1 blocks bacterial uptake by inducing Vav2-RhoA-mediated cytoskeletal rearrangements. PLoS Biol., 8(8). PMID:20808760 PMC2927421
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  39. Wu, JY, Stone, MD, and Zhuang, X. (2010) A single-molecule assay for telomerase structure-function analysis. Nucleic Acids Res., 38(3):e16. PMID: 19920121PMC2817460
    Xiaowei Zhuang Lab (CCB)
  40. Naumann, EA, Kampff, AR, Prober, DA, Schier, AF, and Engert, F. (2010) Monitoring neural activity with bioluminescence during natural behavior. Nat. Neurosci., 13(4):513-20. PMID:20305645 PMC2846983
    Florian Engert Lab (MCB)
  41. Stadtfeld, M, Maherali, N, Borkent, M, and Hochedlinger, K. (2010) A reprogrammable mouse strain from gene-targeted embryonic stem cells. Nat. Methods, 7(1):53-5. PMID: 20010832
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  42. Brudno, Y, Birnbaum, ME, Kleiner, RE, and Liu, DR. (2010) An in vitro translation, selection and amplification system for peptide nucleic acids. Nat. Chem. Biol., 6(2):148-55. PMID: 20081830PMC2808706
    David Liu Lab (CCB)