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2017 Publications

46 publications listed for 2017

  1. Piechura, JR, Amarnath, K, and O’Shea, EK. (2017) Natural changes in light interact with circadian regulation at promoters to control gene expression in cyanobacteria. Elife, 6.
  2. Freifeld, L, Odstrcil, I, Frster, D, Ramirez, A, Gagnon, JA, Randlett, O, Costa, EK, Asano, S, Celiker, OT, Gao, R, Martin-Alarcon, DA, Reginato, P, Dick, C, Chen, L, Schoppik, D, Engert, F, Baier, H, and Boyden, ES. (2017) Expansion microscopy of zebrafish for neuroscience and developmental biology studies. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114(50):E10799-E10808.
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  10. Menegas, W, Uchida, N, and Watabe-Uchida, M. (2017) A Self-Killing Rabies Virus That Leaves a Trace on the DNA. Trends Neurosci, 40(10):589-591.
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  18. Krieger, B, Qiao, M, Rousso, DL, Sanes, JR, and Meister, M. (2017) Four alpha ganglion cell types in mouse retina: Function, structure, and molecular signatures. PLoS One, 12(7):e0180091.
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  21. Kauke, MJ, Traxlmayr, MW, Parker, JA, Kiefer, JD, Knihtila, R, McGee, J, Verdine, G, Mattos, C, and Wittrup, KD. (2017) An engineered protein antagonist of K-Ras/B-Raf interaction. Sci Rep, 7(1):5831.
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