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Publications 2009

44 publications listed for 2009

  1. Lupoli, TJ, Taniguchi, T, Wang, TS, Perlstein, DL, Walker, S, and Kahne, DE. (2009) Studying a cell division amidase using defined peptidoglycan substrates. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131(51):18230-1. PMID:19957935 PMC2871763
    Daniel Kahne Lab (CCB)
  2. Nolte, WM, Tagore, DM, Lane, WS, andSaghatelian, A. (2009) Peptidomics of prolyl endopeptidase in the central nervous system. Biochemistry, 48(50):11971-81. PMID: 19911840 PMC2813186
    Alan Saghatelian Lab (CCB)
  3. Nijhuis, CA, Reus, WF, and Whitesides, GM. (2009) Molecular rectification in metal-SAM-metal oxide-metal junctions. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131(49):17814-27. PMID:19928851
    George Whitesides Lab (CCB)
  4. Voinescu, PE, Emanuela, P, Kay, JN, andSanes, JR. (2009) Birthdays of retinal amacrine cell subtypes are systematically related to their molecular identity and soma position. J. Comp. Neurol., 517(5):737-50. PMID: 19827163 PMC2814066
    Joshua Sanes Lab (MCB)
  5. Tsiairis, CD, and McMahon, AP. (2009) An Hh-dependent pathway in lateral plate mesoderm enables the generation of left/right asymmetry. Curr. Biol., 19(22):1912-7. PMID: 19879143PMC2787870
    Andrew McMahon Lab (MCB)
  6. Aminetzach, YT, Srouji, JR, Kong, CY, and Hoekstra, HE. (2009) Convergent evolution of novel protein function in shrew and lizard venom. Curr. Biol., 19(22):1925-31. PMID: 19879144
    Andres Leschziner Lab (MCB)
    Cassandra Extavour Lab (OEB)
  7. Ichida, JK, Blanchard, J, Lam, K, Son, EY, Chung, JE, Egli, D, Loh, KM, Carter, AC, Di Giorgio, FP, Koszka, K, Huangfu, D, Akutsu, H, Liu, DR, Rubin, LL, and Eggan, K. (2009) A small-molecule inhibitor of tgf-Beta signaling replaces sox2 in reprogramming by inducing nanog. Cell Stem Cell, 5(5):491-503. PMID: 19818703PMC3335195
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  8. Maherali, N, and Hochedlinger, K. (2009) Tgfbeta signal inhibition cooperates in the induction of iPSCs and replaces Sox2 and cMyc. Curr. Biol., 19(20):1718-23. PMID:19765992 PMC3538372
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  9. Kolinski, JM, Aussillous, P, andMahadevan, L. (2009) Shape and motion of a ruck in a rug. Phys. Rev. Lett., 103(17):174302. PMID: 19905761
    L Mahadevan Lab (SEAS)
  10. Utikal, J, Maherali, N, Kulalert, W, andHochedlinger, K. (2009) Sox2 is dispensable for the reprogramming of melanocytes and melanoma cells into induced pluripotent stem cells. J. Cell. Sci., 122(Pt 19):3502-10. PMID: 19723802PMC2746132
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  11. Molyneaux, BJ, Arlotta, P, Fame, RM, MacDonald, JL, MacQuarrie, KL, andMacklis, JD. (2009) Novel subtype-specific genes identify distinct subpopulations of callosal projection neurons. J. Neurosci., 29(39):12343-54. PMID: 19793993PMC2776075
    Jeffrey Macklis Lab (SCRB)
  12. Mugford, JW, Yu, J, Kobayashi, A, andMcMahon, AP. (2009) High-resolution gene expression analysis of the developing mouse kidney defines novel cellular compartments within the nephron progenitor population. Dev. Biol., 333(2):312-23. PMID: 19591821PMC2748313
    Andrew McMahon Lab (MCB)
  13. Utikal, J, Polo, JM, Stadtfeld, M,Maherali, N, Kulalert, W, Walsh, RM, Khalil, A, Rheinwald, JG, and Hochedlinger, K. (2009) Immortalization eliminates a roadblock during cellular reprogramming into iPS cells. Nature, 460(7259):1145-8. PMID: 19668190
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  14. Budin, I, Bruckner, RJ, and Szostak, JW. (2009) Formation of protocell-like vesicles in a thermal diffusion column. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131(28):9628-9. PMID:19601679 PMC2710859
    Jack Szostak Lab (HMS GENETICS)
  15. Saar, BG, Holtom, GR, Freudiger, CW, Ackermann, C, Hill, W, and Xie, XS. (2009) Intracavity wavelength modulation of an optical parametric oscillator for coherent Raman microscopy. Opt Express, 17(15):12532-9. PMID: 19654655
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  16. Draft, RW, and Lichtman, JW. (2009) It’s lonely at the top: winning climbing fibers ascend dendrites solo. Neuron, 63(1):6-8. PMID: 19607787 PMC2790139
    Jeff Lichtman Lab (MCB)
  17. Tang, Y, Cook, TA, and Cohen, AE. (2009) Limits on fluorescence detected circular dichroism of single helicene molecules. J Phys Chem A, 113(22):6213-6. PMID:19438220
    Adam Cohen Lab (CCB)
  18. Samuels, M, Gulati, G, Shin, JH, Opara, R, McSweeney, E, Sekedat, M, Long, S, Kelman, Z, and Jeruzalmi, D. (2009) A biochemically active MCM-like helicase in Bacillus cereus. Nucleic Acids Res., 37(13):4441-52. PMID: 19474351PMC2715239
    David Jeruzalmi Lab (MCB)
  19. Azim, E, Jabaudon, D, Fame, RM, andMacklis, JD. (2009) SOX6 controls dorsal progenitor identity and interneuron diversity during neocortical development. Nat. Neurosci., 12(10):1238-47. PMID:19657336 PMC2903203
    Jeffrey Macklis Lab (SCRB)
  20. Zhang, X, and Zhang, Y. (2009) Neural-immune communication in Caenorhabditis elegans. Cell Host Microbe, 5(5):425-9. PMID: 19454346
    Yun Zhang Lab (OEB)
  21. Pakotiprapha, D, Liu, Y, Verdine, GL, and Jeruzalmi, D. (2009) A structural model for the damage-sensing complex in bacterial nucleotide excision repair. J. Biol. Chem., 284(19):12837-44. PMID: 19287003PMC2676014
    Gregory Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  22. Yang, D, Pornpattananangkul, D, Nakatsuji, T, Chan, M, Carson, D, Huang, CM, and Zhang, L. (2009) The antimicrobial activity of liposomal lauric acids against Propionibacterium acnes. Biomaterials, 30(30):6035-40. PMID:19665786 PMC2735618
    Mara Prentiss Lab (PHYSICS)
  23. Lim, SM, Hill, N, and Myers, AG. (2009) A method for the preparation of differentiated trans-1,2-diol derivatives with enantio- and diastereocontrol. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131(16):5763-5. PMID: 19341239PMC2681323
    Andrew Myers Lab (CCB)
  24. Brennand, K, and Melton, D. (2009) Slow and steady is the key to beta-cell replication. J. Cell. Mol. Med., 13(3):472-87. PMID:19379145 PMC2820566
    Doug Melton Lab (SCRB)
  25. Zhang, LF, Ogawa, Y, Ahn, JY, Namekawa, SH, Silva, SS, and Lee, JT. (2009) Telomeric RNAs mark sex chromosomes in stem cells. Genetics, 182(3):685-98. PMID:19380904 PMC2710151
    Jeannie Lee Lab (HMS GENETICS)
  26. Azim, E, Shnider, SJ, Cederquist, GY, Sohur, US, and Macklis, JD. (2009) Lmo4 and Clim1 progressively delineate cortical projection neuron subtypes during development. Cereb. Cortex, 19 Suppl 1:i62-9. PMID: 19366868 PMC2693532
    Jeffrey Macklis Lab (SCRB)
  27. Lacefield, S, Lau, DT, and Murray, AW. (2009) Recruiting a microtubule-binding complex to DNA directs chromosome segregation in budding yeast. Nat. Cell Biol., 11(9):1116-20. PMID: 19684576PMC2752306
    Andrew Murray Lab (MCB)
  28. Rahn-Lee, L, Gorbatyuk, B, Skovgaard, O, and Losick, R. (2009) The conserved sporulation protein YneE inhibits DNA replication in Bacillus subtilis. J. Bacteriol., 191(11):3736-9. PMID: 19329632PMC2681902
    Richard Losick Lab (MCB)
  29. Eminli, S, Foudi, A, Stadtfeld, M,Maherali, N, Ahfeldt, T, Mostoslavsky, G, Hock, H, and Hochedlinger, K. (2009) Differentiation stage determines potential of hematopoietic cells for reprogramming into induced pluripotent stem cells. Nat. Genet., 41(9):968-76. PMID: 19668214
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  30. Procko, E, O’Mara, ML, Bennett, WF, Tieleman, DP, and Gaudet, R. (2009) The mechanism of ABC transporters: general lessons from structural and functional studies of an antigenic peptide transporter. FASEB J., 23(5):1287-302. PMID: 19174475
    Rachelle Gaudet Lab (MCB)
  31. Shih, JD, Fitzgerald, MC, Sutherlin, M, and Hunter, CP. (2009) The SID-1 double-stranded RNA transporter is not selective for dsRNA length. RNA, 15(3):384-90. PMID: 19155320 PMC2657005
    Craig Hunter Lab (MCB)
  32. Schlöndorff, J, Del Camino, D,Carrasquillo, R, Lacey, V, and Pollak, MR. (2009) TRPC6 mutations associated with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis cause constitutive activation of NFAT-dependent transcription. Am. J. Physiol., Cell Physiol., 296(3):C558-69. PMID:19129465 PMC2660257
    Martin Pollak Lab (HMS BBS)
  33. López, D, Fischbach, MA, Chu, F, Losick, R, and Kolter, R. (2009) Structurally diverse natural products that cause potassium leakage trigger multicellularity in Bacillus subtilis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 106(1):280-5. PMID: 19114652PMC2629187
    Richard Losick Lab (MCB)
  34. Datta, SS, Strachan, DR, Johnson, ATC. 2009. Gate coupling to nanoscale electronics. Phys Rev B 79(20): 205404.
    David Weitz Lab (SEAS)
  35. Sherwood, RI, Chen, TY, and Melton, DA. (2009) Transcriptional dynamics of endodermal organ formation. Dev. Dyn., 238(1):29-42. PMID: 19097184
    Doug Melton Lab (SCRB)
  36. Deng, J, Shoemaker, R, Xie, B, Gore, A, LeProust, EM, Antosiewicz-Bourget, J, Egli, D, Maherali, N, Park, IH, Yu, J, Daley, GQ, Eggan, K, Hochedlinger, K, Thomson, J, Wang, W, Gao, Y, and Zhang, K. (2009) Targeted bisulfite sequencing reveals changes in DNA methylation associated with nuclear reprogramming. Nat. Biotechnol., 27(4):353-60. PMID:19330000 PMC2715272
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  37. Procko, E, and Gaudet, R. (2009) Antigen processing and presentation: TAPping into ABC transporters. Curr. Opin. Immunol., 21(1):84-91. PMID: 19261456
    Rachelle Gaudet Lab (MCB)
  38. Varas, F, Stadtfeld, M, de Andres-Aguayo, L, Maherali, N, di Tullio, A, Pantano, L, Notredame, C, Hochedlinger, K, and Graf, T. (2009) Fibroblast-derived induced pluripotent stem cells show no common retroviral vector insertions. Stem Cells, 27(2):300-6. PMID: 19008347PMC2729671
    Konrad Hochedlinger Lab (HSCI)
  39. Lo, SM, Ahuja, NK, and Francis, NJ. (2009) Polycomb group protein Suppressor 2 of zeste is a functional homolog of Posterior Sex Combs. Mol. Cell. Biol., 29(2):515-25. PMID: 18981224PMC2612506
    Nicole Francis Lab (MCB)
  40. de Bivort, BL, Perlstein, EO, Kunes, S, and Schreiber, SL. (2009) Amino acid metabolic origin as an evolutionary influence on protein sequence in yeast. J. Mol. Evol., 68(5):490-7. PMID: 19357800PMC2687519
    Sam Kunes Lab (MCB)
  41. Gordus, A, Krall, JA, Beyer, EM,Kaushansky, A, Wolf-Yadlin, A, Sevecka, M, Chang, BH, Rush, J, and MacBeath, G. (2009) Linear combinations of docking affinities explain quantitative differences in RTK signaling. Mol. Syst. Biol., 5:235. PMID: 19156127 PMC2644171
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  42. Tagore, DM, Nolte, WM, Neveu, JM, Rangel, R, Guzman-Rojas, L, Pasqualini, R, Arap, W, Lane, WS, and Saghatelian, A. (2009) Peptidase substrates via global peptide profiling. Nat. Chem. Biol., 5(1):23-5. PMID: 19011639 PMC2730040
    Alan Saghatelian Lab (CCB)
  43. Datta, SS, Strachan, DR, Mele, EJ, and Johnson, AT. (2009) Surface potentials and layer charge distributions in few-layer graphene films. Nano Lett., 9(1):7-11. PMID: 18613730
    David Weitz Lab (SEAS)
  44. Van Doninck, K, Mandigo, ML, Hur, JH, Wang, P, Guglielmini, J, Milinkovitch, MC, Lane, WS, and Meselson, M. (2009) Phylogenomics of unusual histone H2A Variants in Bdelloid rotifers. PLoS Genet., 5(3):e1000401. PMID: 19266019PMC2642717
    Matthew Meselson Lab (MCB)