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How E. coli Bacteria Activate a Toxin They Produce in a Way That Avoids Self-harm [Gaudet- and Balskus Labs]

The microorganisms living in, on, and around us, collectively known as the microbiome, produce metabolites that affect our health. Some of these molecules are essential for our wellbeing,…

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Inversions, Inversions Everywhere [Hoekstra Lab]

Chromosomal inversions are a form of genetic mutation in which a segment of DNA reverses orientation along a chromosome. Inversions were first discovered over 100 years ago by…

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MCB Has an Assistant Professor Search Underway. Apply!

We seek applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. MCB is a tight-knit, supportive and collaborative research community with interests in a broad range…

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Daniyal Sachee (Neuro ‘23) Becomes Class of ‘23 Program Marshal

Neuroscience concentrator Daniyal Sachee (‘23) has been elected to the 2023 Senior Class Committee, where he will serve as a program marshal. The class committee includes both program…

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