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How to Make Injured Neurons Survive [Sanes Lab]

It is old news that damage to our brain or spinal cord is generally irreversible, leading to a gloomy prognosis for neurodegenerative disease or traumatic injury.  More than…

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Extavour Lab’s Cricket Embryo Research Highlighted in New York Times

The New York Times recently featured a research collaboration led by MCB and OEB faculty Cassandra Extavour in an article titled “The Mysterious Dance of the Cricket Embryos.”…

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SROH Gives Undergrads a Taste of an MCO PhD

Undergrads from around the country just wrapped up their taste of what life is like as an MCO PhD candidate, thanks to the 10-week Summer Research Opportunities at…

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Welcome to New Faculty Ryan Nett and Jeeyun Chung

Two new faculty, Ryan Nett and Jeeyun Chung, will join the MCB department as Assistant Professors in the coming year. “We're thrilled that Jeeyun Chung and Ryan Nett…

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