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Why Zebrafish Can’t Tickle Themselves

Any sensory experience in any animal species can originate from either an event in the outside world, such as a predator approaching, or from a stimulus generated by…

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How Zebrafish Use “Simple Hacks” to Swim in a School

Schools of zebrafish move in complex patterns, but individual zebrafish use simple visual cues to decide where to swim, according to a new Nature Communications paper from the…

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Postdoc Spotlight: Haleh Fotowat

Postdoc Haleh Fotowat of the Engert Lab has always split her time between scientific and creative pursuits. “I always grew up with a strong hobby in my life—I…

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Foresight in Fish: Physical Intelligence during 3D Prey Capture [Engert Lab]

Babies possess the ability to predict what will happen in their environment based on intuition about gravity, motion, and mass of objects. This has lead to the idea…

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Larval Zebrafish As a Model for Perceptual Decision-making [Engert lab]

During perceptual decision-making, animals need to accumulate sensory evidence over time, but the underlying neural processes remain poorly understood. Here we combine behavioral experiments and whole-brain imaging in…

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A Homeostatic Circuit for Hunger [Engert and Kunes Labs]

Decades ago, pioneering studies in cats and rodents identified regions within an ancient part of the brain, the hypothalamus, that are sufficient to increase or reduce appetite. Stimulating…

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Comparative Computation Across Biological and Artificial Neural Networks [Engert- and Schier Labs]

In a recent paper in Neuron (PDF) the Engert and Schier labs uncover striking similarities in stimulus representation and computation across biological and artificial neural networks performing temperature…

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Pain in the (Fish) Brain [Engert-, Kunes-, and Schier Labs]

When we think of the neurons that control pain-induced behavior, what usually comes to mind are the simple peripheral and spinal reflex circuits described in medical textbooks. This…

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One Million and One Neurons: A Collection of Fish Tales [Engert Lab]

 Witnessing in real-time firing patterns of all the neurons in the brain sounds like sci-fi, but this has already been achieved in research labs in recent years. The…

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Feeling the Heat – How Does the Zebrafish Brain Process Temperature? [Engert- and Schier Labs]

The Engert and Schier labs address in a recent paper in Neuron (PDF) how larval zebrafish senses temperature and transforms the sensory representation to generate behavior with the ultimate…

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