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New Course Taught by Sam Kunes and Michele Markstein

We are pleased to introduce a new cell biology course, MCB 66 Pathological Cell Biology, to the curriculum of the MCB Concentration this Spring. MCB 66 will explore…

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Scents of Belonging: An Olfactory-oxytocin Pathway for the Social Regulation of Appetite and Avoidance [Engert- and Kunes Labs]

In a project jointly led by the Kunes and Engert laboratories, co-first authors Caroline Wee, Erin Song, and Maxim Nikitchenko used the larval zebrafish to take a deep…

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A Homeostatic Circuit for Hunger [Engert and Kunes Labs]

Decades ago, pioneering studies in cats and rodents identified regions within an ancient part of the brain, the hypothalamus, that are sufficient to increase or reduce appetite. Stimulating…

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Harvard Researchers Among Those Receiving More Than $150 Million in Funding from the NIH BRAIN Initiative

Harvard scientists are among dozens of researchers who will receive more than $150 million in funding over the next five years through the National Institute of Health’s Brain…

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Co-authors Tehyen Chu and Sam Kunes One of a cell’s fundamental tasks is to deliver its synthetic products to subcellular locations appropriate for their function.  Nowhere is this…

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Calyx of the mushroom body, Drosophila brain[click for full size and description] Authors Sam Kunes and Shovon Ashraf One of the remaining mysteries of neuroscience is how memories…

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