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The (Evolutionary) Success Story of ABC Transporters [Gaudet- and Murray Labs]

Molecular machines underlie the vast diversity of the living world and are the result of millions of years of selection to optimize them for particular biochemical tasks. If…

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Evolution Can Quickly Change Cells’ Deepest Foundations [Murray Lab]

Fumasoni and Murray show how evolution can quickly and reproducibly change conserved features involved in the maintenance of genomes in response to constitutive problems affecting DNA replication. Four…

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Your Neighbors Dictate What You Can Do [Murray Lab]

Biological function, such as DNA replication and chromosome segregation, depend on the complex interactions among many different proteins. As a biological function changes during evolution, the network of…

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Microglia Help New Neurons Make the Right Connections [Murthy Lab]

Historically, it was thought that the brain lacked an immune system because the blood-brain barrier prevents the entry of immune cells from the rest of the body. However,…

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A Neuron Published in Neuron [Lichtman Lab]

In the brain, the function of a nerve cell (a neuron) is based both on the input it receives, via synapses onto its dendrites from upstream neurons, and…

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Fanuel Muindi Publishes Paper on the Role of Personal Storytelling in Science Communication [MCO]

Assistant Director of Graduate Programs Fanuel Muindi, PhD, (@FanuelMuindi on Twitter) recently co-authored a paper advocating for the importance of storytelling in science communication. The paper titled “Human…

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The ‘Right’ Diet. Discovery of Entirely New Class of Enzymes Could One Day Lead to Bespoke Diets, Therapeutics

Everyone seems to have an opinion about which foods to eat or avoid, how to lose weight (and keep it off!), and which superfood to horde. But there’s…

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Parental Influence on Gene Regulation in the Brain [Whipple Lab]

Mammals inherit two copies of each gene—one from their mother and one from their father. In most cases, the gene copy inherited from each parent is functionally indistinguishable.…

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How to Prepare the Next Generation for the Future by Eating Yourself [Denic Lab]

Gametes are the vessels of gene immortality. To escape the dying soma, these cells rely on a specialized form of the cell cycle in which a single round…

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A Small but Important Difference [Sanes Lab]

Neurons come in a bewildering variety of shapes and sizes, with the structure of each type underlying its specific functions. A major preoccupation of developmental biologists is to…

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