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Emily Balskus

Elucidation and study of biosynthetic pathways and enzymes as well as the development of synthetic methods that are compatible with microbial chemistry.

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Victoria D'Souza

Molecular mechanisms underlying viral genomic RNA – host interactions

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Vlad Denic

Mechanisms of membrane-associated cell biological processes.

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Ethan Garner

High resolution dynamic and spatial studies of prokaryotic cellular organization

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Rachelle Gaudet

Structural biology of signaling and transport through biological membranes

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Peter Girguis

Microbial eco-systems biology; Microbial physiology; Marine biogeochemistry (On sabbatical 2023-24)

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Nancy Kleckner

Chromosomes: motion, mechanics, DNA dynamics and spatial patterning

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Brian Liau

Development of chemical and molecular biology tools to allow new measurements and perturbations in biological systems; study mechanisms of gene regulation and dysregulation in cancer.

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Ryan Nett

Understanding and harnessing the complexity of plant chemistry and metabolism

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Matthew Shair

Small molecule probes and therapeutics controlling gene expression, epigenetics, and cell states

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Christina Woo

Development and application of chemical proteomic methods to study the interactions of therapeutics, natural products, and metabolites within the cellular proteome

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Xiaowei Zhuang

Single-molecule and super-resolution studies of cellular processes

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