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Paola Arlotta

Developing approaches to aid neuronal regeneration in the context of neurodegenerative diseases of the cortical output circuitry; modulating neuronal function in psychiatric diseases affecting cortical microcircuitry

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Ben De Bivort

The molecular and neural circuit basis of behavioral individuality.

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Jason Buenrostro

Gene regulation, epigenetics and single-cell technologies

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Adam Cohen

Combining optics, protein engineering, chemistry, electrophysiology, simulation, and theory, at the levels of individual molecules, single cells, and whole, genetically modified, organisms.

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Cassandra Extavour

Evolution of molecular and developmental mechanisms controlling cell fate decisions

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Takao Hensch

Experience-dependent brain development; critical periods

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Elena Kramer

Evolution of floral developmental genetic pathways

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Sam Kunes

Development of the nervous system, synaptic plasticity, behavior and evolution

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Kara McKinley

Reproductive and regenerative biology

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Mansi Srivastava

Development, Regeneration, Evolutionary Biology

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Amy Wagers

Uncovering the intrinsic and extrinsic regulators of stem cell function, and revealing how changes in stem cell activity impact tissue regeneration throughout life

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Jessica Whited

Discovering principles governing regenerative success in tetrapods

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