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Emily Balskus

Elucidation and study of biosynthetic pathways and enzymes as well as the development of synthetic methods that are compatible with microbial chemistry.

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Ben De Bivort

The molecular and neural circuit basis of behavioral individuality.

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Colleen Cavanaugh

Ecology and evolution of microbial symbioses.

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Michael Desai

Evolutionary dynamics, experimental evolution, population genetics (On sabbatical 2023-24)

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Cassandra Extavour

Evolution of molecular and developmental mechanisms controlling cell fate decisions

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Peter Girguis

Microbial eco-systems biology; Microbial physiology; Marine biogeochemistry (On sabbatical 2023-24)

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Robin Hopkins

Evolutionary, ecological, and genetic basis of speciation

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Elena Kramer

Evolution of floral developmental genetic pathways

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Brian Liau

Development of chemical and molecular biology tools to allow new measurements and perturbations in biological systems; study mechanisms of gene regulation and dysregulation in cancer.

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James Mallet

Study evolution, hybridization, and speciation - mainly in butterflies (Not accepting graduate students 2023-2024)

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Pardis Sabeti

Evolutionary forces in humans and pathogens

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Matthew Shair

Small molecule probes and therapeutics controlling gene expression, epigenetics, and cell states

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