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Graduate MCO MCO Faculty

MCO Faculty

MCO Research Faculty

Carolyn Elya

Mechanisms of parasitic behavior manipulation across molecules, cells and circuits.

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Ethan Garner

High resolution dynamic and spatial studies of prokaryotic cellular organization

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Brian Liau

Development of chemical and molecular biology tools to allow new measurements and perturbations in biological systems; study mechanisms of gene regulation and dysregulation in cancer.

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Ryan Nett

Understanding and harnessing the complexity of plant chemistry and metabolism

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Amanda Whipple

Non-coding RNA biology, imprinted gene expression regulation, neurobiology

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Christina Woo

Development and application of chemical proteomic methods to study the interactions of therapeutics, natural products, and metabolites within the cellular proteome

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MCO Advising Faculty

Elena Rivas

Computational methods to identify functional genomic sequences and structures. Quest for conserved RNA structures

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