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2008 Dissertations

12 dissertations listed for 2008

  • Chen, Jiunn-Ren
    “Modeling PDZ domain-peptide interactions”
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  • Gladyshev, Evgeniy
    “The structure of telomeres in rotifers of the Class Bdelloidea”
    Matthew S Meselson Lab (MCB)
  • Kain, James
    “Subcellular localization and compartmentalization of ClpP proteases in Bacillus subtilis”
    Richard M Losick Lab (MCB)
  • Kampff, Adam
    “Neuroethology of the Zebrafish: Describing the neural circuits that control innate behavior”
    Florian Engert Lab (MCB)
  • Lei, Ming
    “Functional Study of Polo-like Kinase 1 in Cancer and Normal Nontransformed Cells”
    Raymond L. Erikson Lab (MCB)
  • Leung, Yiuka
    “Actin-based Motility of Intracellular Shigella flexneri”
    Marcia Goldberg Lab (HMS MICROBIO)
  • Mugford, Josh
    “The Molecular Specification and Cellular Origins of the Mammalian Metanephric Kidney”
    Andrew P. McMahon Lab (MCB)
  • Pakotiprapha, Danaya
    “Structural and Biochemical Studies of Bacterial Nucleotide Excision Repair”
    Gregory L Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  • Pont-Lezica, Lorena
    “The molecular logic of pheromone stimulus coding in the mouse vomeronasal system”
    Catherine Dulac Lab (MCB)
  • Procko, Erik
    “General mechanisms for ABC transporters revealed by the transporter associated with antigen processing”
    Rachelle Gaudet Lab (MCB)
  • Shih, Joseph D
    “Properties of the SID-1 double-stranded RNA channel”
    Craig P Hunter Lab (MCB)
  • Tsiairis, Charisios
    “Breaking Bilateral Symmetry and the Role of Hh Signaling”
    Andrew P. McMahon Lab (MCB)

    Note: A copy of any dissertation listed above may be ordered directly from UMI Dissertation Publishing (ProQuest), by calling 1-800-521-3042, or on the web.