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2020 Dissertations

 26 dissertations listed for 2020.

  • Akhund-Zade, Jamilla
    “The role of environment in Drosophila behavioral variability and the genetics of life history variation”
    Benjamin de Bivort Lab (OEB)
  • Angstman, James
    “Characterizing and Reducing Spurious DNA Edits by CRISPR Cytosine Base Editors”
    Keith Joung Lab (MGH)
  • Bae, Hanuei
    “Modulation of Perineuronal Nets Regulating Parvalbumin Neuron Maturation in the Mouse Visual Cortex”
    Takao Hensch Lab (MCB)
  • Bagamery, Laura
    “Metabolic diversification as a buffer against environmental instability in budding yeast”
    Ethan Garner Lab (MCB) and Andrew Murray Lab (MCB)
  • Baier, Felix
    “Mechanisms driving behavioral variation in ecologically distinct Peromyscus mice”
    Hopi Hoekstra Lab (OEB)
  • Barber, Felix
    “The interplay between cell size control, cell cycle regulation, and growth morphology in budding yeast”
    Ariel Amir Lab (SEAS) and Andrew Murray Lab (MCB)
  • Dial, Thomas
    “Disrupting Somatic Maintenance of X-Chromosome Inactivation to Reactivate the Inactive X Chromosome”
    Jeannie Lee Lab (HMS)
  • Gonzalez del Pino, Gonzalo
    “Structural and mechanistic analysis of the regulation and pharmacology of BRAF and MEK1”
    Michael Eck Lab (HMS, DFCI)
  • Grimaud, Julien
    “Bilateral Alignment of Receptive Fields in the Olfactory Cortex Points to Non-Random Connectivity”
    Venki Murthy Lab (MCB)
  • Hager, Emily
    “Morphological and behavioral evolution in forest deer mice”
    Hopi Hoekstra Lab (OEB)
  • Maini Rekdal, Vayu
    “Discovery and characterization of gut microbial enzymes involved in xenobiotic metabolism”
    Emily Balskus Lab (CCB)
  • Masis, Javier
    “How Agents Learn to Manage the Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff”
    David Cox Lab
  • Pandey, Shristi
    “Neuron Identity Problem: from Genes to Function”
    Alex Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Ramirez, Alyson
    “Heads or Tails? Regulation of Wnt signaling and axial identity establishment during whole-body regeneration in the acoel worm Hofstenia miamia”
    Mansi Srivastava Lab (OEB)
  • Reilly, Matt
    “Microglia-induced neurotoxicity and altered cell-autonomous functions in a LRRK2 G2019S model of Parkinson’s disease”
    Erin O’Shea Lab (HHMI)
  • Rollins, Nathan
    “Protein structure and design by genetic experiments”
    Pamela Silver Lab (HMS) and Debora Marks Lab (HMS)
  • Stork, Devon
    “Generalization of Genetic Code Expansion”
    George Church Lab (HMS) and  Ethan Garner Lab (MCB)
  • Smith, Matthew
    “Idiosyncratic Olfactory Behavior and its Neural Basis”
    Benjamin de Bivort Lab (OEB)
  • Squyres, Georgia
    “The Role and Regulation of FtsZ Filaments in Bacterial Cytokinesis”
    Ethan Garner Lab (MCB)
  • Stirling, Finn
    “Physical and genetic containment of transgenic bacteria for real world applications”
    Pamela Silver Lab (HMS)
  • Su, Jun-Han
    “Multiscale Chromatin Tracing of Domains and Compartments in Single Chromosomes”
    Xiaowei Zhuang Lab (CCB)
  • Tomasek, David
    “Mechanism of outer membrane protein assembly by the Bam complex”
    Dan Kahne Lab (CCB)
  • Wallace, Jenelle
    “Functional development of adult-born neurons in the olfactory bulb”
    Venki Murthy Lab (MCB) and Beth Stevens Lab (HMS)
  • Wu, Marie Teng-Pei
    “Genetic recoding in HIV-1 and IBV is modulated by alternate RNA structures”
    Victoria D’Souza Lab (MCB)
  • Yan, Jiawei
    “Identifying hard bounds on molecular fluctuation in stochastic reaction systems”
    Johan Paulsson Lab (HMS)
  • Zhou, Guangyu
    “Development of Bioinformatics Solutions for Quantifying Interactions between Human Microbiome & Host Genome, Single-cell Transcriptomics and Novel Codec System for Robust DNA-based Data Storage”
    George Church Lab (HMS)


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