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2015 Dissertations

12 dissertations listed for 2015

  • Bane, Lukas
    Rachelle Gaudet Lab (MCB)
  • Chew, Guo-Liang
    “Non-canonical translation in vertebrates ”
    Alex F Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Grama, Abhinav
    “Motion processing in the larval zebrafish tectum”
    Florian Engert Lab (MCB)
  • Hacisuleyman, Ezgi
    “The discovery and characterization of the lncRNA Firre”
    John Rinn Lab (SCRB)
  • Hattori, Ryoma
    “Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Establishment of Unimodality in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex”
    Takao Hensch Lab (MCB)
  • He, Jiang
    “Fluorescence imaging of Virus-Host Cell Interaction and Super-resolution Imaging of Neuronal Cytoskeleton”
    Xiaowei Zhuang Lab (CCB)
  • Lacoste, Alix
    “Convergent excitatory pathways mediate the zebrafish escape behavior”
    Alex F Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Liu, Jessica Chishow
    “Biochemical Characterization of the Domain Architecture of Chromatin Assembly Motor Proteins Human CHD1 and CHD2”
    Timur Yusufzai Lab (HMS)
  • Namkoong, Bumjin
    “The molecular determinants of cranial skeletal development and evolution”
    Arkhat Abzhanov Lab (OEB)
  • Qiao, Mu
    “Morphological, physiological and molecular classification of mouse retinal ganglion cells”
    Joshua R Sanes Lab (MCB)
  • Srouji, John
    “A structural and functional investigation of germ plasm organization mediated by D. melanogaster Oskar protein”
    Cassandra Extavour Lab (OEB)
    Andres Leschziner Lab (MCB)
  • Yilmaz Balban, Melis
    “Roles of retinal circuits in the innate visual behaviors of mice”
    Markus Meister Lab (MCB)

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