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2022 Dissertations

9 Dissertations listed for 2022.

  • Austerman, Jacob
    “Proteus mirabilis adapts to environmental change through regulation of its developmental cycle”
    Karine Gibbs Lab (UC Berkeley)
  • Greisman, Jack
    “Resolving Correlated Motions in Proteins by X-ray Diffraction”
    Doeke Hekstra Lab (MCB)
  • Holmes, Matthew
    “Dynamics and architecture of Bacillus subtilis cell division”
    Ethan Garner Lab (MCB)
  • Honaker, Linda
    “A structure-based mechanism for recognition of oskar mRNA by Tropomyosin 1″
    Victoria D’Souza Lab (MCB)
  • Irwin, Stephania
    “Characterizing anaerobic taurine metabolism by the human gut bacterium and opportunistic pathogen Bilophila wadsworthia
  • Emily Balskus Lab (CCB)
  • Miller (Weiner), Katie
    “The conserved histone chaperone Spt6 facilitates DNA replication and mediates genome
    Fred Winston Lab (HMS)
  • Min, Jiseon
    “Coarse-grained Models of Biological Systems and Asymptotic Analyses on Population Dynamics”
    Michael Desai & Ariel Amir Labs (OEB, SEAS)
  • Pham, Vincent
    “Alternate Structures Regulate Transcription and Translation of the HIV-1 Genome”
    Victoria D’Souza Lab (MCB)
  • Schwein, Paul
    “O-GlcNAc modification of casein kinase 2 alpha alters the phosphoproteome”
    Christina Woo Lab (CCB)