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2021 Dissertations

13 Dissertations listed for 2021.

  • Aindow, Annie
    “Reconstitution of the PBP2-PBP2a Complex from Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus”
    Dan Kahne Lab (MCB/CCB)
  • Akiti, Korleki
    “Dopamine in the tail of striatum regulates post-assessment avoidance of stimulus novelty”
    Nao Uchida Lab (MCB)
  • Bakerlee, Chris
    “Epistasis, Pleiotropy, and Evolutionary Dynamics”
    Michael Desai Lab (OEB)
  • Blondel, Leo
    “Computational approaches to developmental biology”
    Cassandra Extavour Lab (MCB/OEB)
  • Chittor, Achala
    “Self-recognition signaling and ecological variation in the bacterial pathogen Proteus mirabilis”
    Karine Gibbs Lab
  • Kane, Andrew
    “Regulation of Hsf1 by stress response crosstalk in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”
    Vlad Denic Lab
  • Mattei, Sandy
    “Dissecting the embryonic and extraembryonic requirements for DNA methylation in mice”
    Alex Meissner Lab (Max Planck, formerly at MCB)
  • Morrison, Mary
    “Broadening the Scope of Phage-Assisted Continuous Evolution”
    David Liu Lab (CCB)
  • Rhee, Juliana
    “Cellular Resolution Imaging in a Rodent Model for High-Level Vision”
    David Cox Lab
  • Smith, Peter
    “Improved Eukaryotic Genetic Code Expansion”
    George Church Lab (HMS)
  • Wang, Yiqun
    “The Transcriptional Biographies of Embryonic Cells. ”
    Alex Schier Lab
  • Wilson, Sean
    “Understanding the Role and Regulation of Cell Wall Hydrolases in Bacillus subtilis”
    Ethan Garner Lab (MCB)
  • Yu, Zhou
    “Mechanisms underlying subcellular targeting specificities: case studies in pharmacological actions of nitrogen-containing-bisphosphonates and glia-mediated synapse elimination”
    Erin O’Shea Lab (HHMI)



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