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2012 Dissertations

20 dissertations listed for 2012

  • Basu, Srinjan
    “Study of Chromatin Structure using Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy in Living Mammalian Cells”
    Tom Maniatis Lab (MCB)
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  • Budin, Itay
    “Physical models for the early evolution of cell membranes”
    Jack Szostak Lab (HMS GENETICS)
  • Carter-O’Connell, Ian
    “Structural Analysis of the CDK-Cyclin Complex of Pho85-Pho80 and Genome-Wide Characterization of the Phosphate Starvation Response in Schizosaccharomyces pombe”
    Erin K O’Shea Lab (MCB)
  • Chand, Nikhilesh
    “The Two-component Sensor KinB Regulates Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence”
    Deborah Hung Lab (HMS MICROBIO)
  • Daniele, Joseph
    “A Novel Proteolytic Event Controls Hedgehog Intracellular Sorting and Transport”
    Sam Kunes Lab (MCB)
  • Fame, Ryann
    “Molecular Controls over Developmental Acquisition of Diverse Callosal Projection Neuron ”
    Jeffrey Macklis Lab (SCRB)
  • Finski, Alexei
    “Multiplex Analytical Measurements in Single Cells of Solid Tissues”
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  • Kao, Robert
    “Investigation of the molecular and cellular basis of patterning, morphogenesis, and tubule interconnections during mammalian kidney development”
    Andrew P. McMahon Lab (MCB)
  • Lau, Derek
    “Dissecting Protein-protein Interactions that Regulate the Spindle Checkpoint in Budding Yeast”
    Andrew W Murray Lab (MCB)
  • Li, Jennifer
    “Identification of an Operant Learning Circuit by Whole Brain Functional Imaging in Larval Zebrafish”
    Alex F Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Mitchell, Andrew
    “Discovering Bioactive Peptides and Characterizing the Molecular Pathways that Control their Activity”
    Alan Saghatelian Lab (CCB)
  • Morimoto, Emiko
    “The role of microglia in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Analysis of microRNAs”
    Tom Maniatis Lab (MCB)
  • Murphy, Christopher
    “Control of DNA replication by the nucleus to cytoplasm ratio”
    Matthew Michael Lab (MCB)
  • Pivorunas, Valerie
    “A Biochemical Investigation of the Mechanism of Transport of DNA by SpoIIIE during Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis: Probing the Transmembrane Domain, the α Domain, and the Hinge Region”
    Briana Burton Lab (MCB)
  • Rosains, Jacqueline
    “Modulation of pha-4 and C. elegans foregut evelopment by the novel gene smg-8”
    Susan Mango Lab (MCB)
  • Son, Yesde Esther
    “Exploring the Plasticity of Cellular Fate Using Defined-Factor Reprogramming”
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  • Veguilla, Rosa
    “Transcriptional Regulation of OCA2 and POMC by a cAMP-dependent mechanism and implications in skin pigmentation”
    David Fisher Lab (MGH)
  • Wu, John
    “Single-molecule and super-resolution fluorescence studies of the structure and function of telomerase and telomere”
    Xiaowei Zhuang Lab (CCB)
  • Zhang (Chen), Liying
    “Targeting the Epigenetic Lesion in MLL-rearranged Leukemia”
    Scott Armstrong Lab (HSCI)
  • Zhou, Xu
    “Determinants of Transcription Factor Binding and Regulation During Saccharomyces cerevisiae Phosphate Starvation Response”
    Erin K O’Shea Lab (MCB)

    Note: A copy of any dissertation listed above may be ordered directly from UMI Dissertation Publishing (ProQuest), by calling 1-800-521-3042, or on the web.