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2014 Dissertations

18 dissertations listed for 2014

  • Ashrafi, Ghazaleh
    “Trafficking and Turnover in Neuronal Axons ”
    Thomas Schwarz Lab (HMS)
  • Besprozvannaya, Marina
    “From DNA sequence recognition to directional chromosome segregation: Information transfer in the translocase protein SpoIIIE.”
    Briana Burton Lab (MCB)
  • Chen, Chongyi
    “”Biology at single-molecule and single-cell level: chromosome organization, gene expression, and beyond”.”
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  • Chilton, Scott
    “A mutational analysis of the Bacillus subtilis competence helicase ComFA”
    Briana Burton Lab (MCB)
  • Douglas, Sarah
    “Parallelism and Epistasis in the de novo Evolution of Cooperation Between Two Species”
    Christopher Marx Lab (OEB)
  • Green, Andre
    “Developmental and Genetic Mechanisms of Ovariole Number Evolution in Drosophila”
    Cassandra Extavour Lab (OEB)
  • Guilinger, John
    “Profiling and Improving the Specificity of Site-Specific Nucleases”
    David Liu Lab (CCB)
  • Hsu, Patrick
    “Development of the CRISPR nuclease Cas9 for high precision mammalian genome engineering ”
    Feng Zhang Lab (BROAD)
    Xiaowei Zhuang Lab (CCB)
  • Leiman, Sara
    “Genetics and Regulation of Bacterial Biofilms”
    Richard M Losick Lab (MCB)
  • McFedries, Amanda
    “Characterization of Protein-Metabolite and Protein-Substrate Interactions of Disease Genes”
    Alan Saghatelian Lab (CCB)
  • Nguyen, Vu
    “Structural insights into the assembly and dynamics of the ATP-dependent chromatin-remodeling complex SWR1”
    Andres Leschziner Lab (MCB)
  • Oak, Youbean
    “Filopodia-independent roles of the actin bundling protein fascin in promoting cell motility”
    Gaudenz Danuser Lab (HMS CELLBIO)
  • Perez, Julio
    “Genomic Imprinting in the Brain: the Persistent Influences from Mom and Dad”
    Catherine Dulac Lab (MCB)
  • Ran, Fei Ann
    “CRISPR-Cas: development and applications for mammalian genome editing”
    Feng Zhang Lab (BROAD)
  • Rogers, Katherine
    “Mesendoderm patterning by the Nodal/Lefty activator/inhibitor system”
    Alex F Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Sandoe, Jackson
    “Developing Human Stem Cell Derived Motor Neuron Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis”
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  • Wahl, Mary
    “A Synthetic Yeast Model for Differentiation and Division of Labor”
    Andrew W Murray Lab (MCB)
  • Webster, Jamie
    “Genome-scale DNA Methylation analysis in distinct pluripotent stem cells”
    Alex Meissner Lab (SCRB)

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