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2009 Dissertations

9 dissertations listed for 2009

  • Buchanan, Sean
    “Studies of Protocadherin Function”
    Tom Maniatis Lab (MCB)
  • Crenshaw, Charisse
    “Structures and Dynamics of DNA Repair Enzymes: Mechanistic Insights into Catalysis and Damage Targeting”
    Gregory L Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  • Didovyk, Andriy
    “The Structural Basis of DNA Recognition and Base Extrusion by a DNA cytosine-5 methyltransferase M.HaeIII”
    Gregory L Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  • Lo, Stanley
    “Mechanistic Studies of Chromatin Folding by Polycomb Group Proteins”
    Nicole Francis Lab (MCB)
  • Rajaraman, Kaveri
    “Intrinsically photosensitive ganglion cells of the tiger salamander retina”
    Markus Meister Lab (MCB)
  • Roehrig, Casey
    “Molecular and genetic analysis of developmental gene regulatory networks”
    Craig P Hunter Lab (MCB)
  • Sherwood, Richard
    “Cellular and Transcriptional Analysis of Endoderm Patterning and Organogenesis”
    Doug Melton Lab (SCRB)
  • Shnider, Sara
    “Molecular Regulators of Corticospinal Motor Neuron Diversity and Segmental Target Specificity”
    Jeffrey Macklis Lab (SCRB)
  • Voinescu, Paula Emanuela
    “Genetic Control of Retina Development”
    Joshua R Sanes Lab (MCB)

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