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2018 Dissertations

22 dissertations listed for 2018.

  • Baptista, Diego
    “Optimizing Nanodiscs for Membrane Proteins and Mapping a Translation Initiation Complex”
    Gerhard Wagner Lab (HMS)
  • Bozzi, Aaron
    “Molecular Mechanism of an Nramp-family Transition Metal Transporter”
    Rachelle Gaudet Lab (MCB)
  • Chang, Fred
    “Low SNR Computational Pattern Detection Applied to Multi-Spectral 3D Molecular Dynamics”
    Nancy Kleckner Lab (MCB)
  • Darnell, Alicia
    “Translational control through differential ribosome pausing during amino acid limitation in mammalian cells”
    Erin O’Shea Lab (MCB/CCB)
  • Diel, Erin
    Structural and molecular correlates of auditory plasticity
    Takao Hensch Lab (MCB)
  • Fleming, Kathleen
    “A Clock-Phased Sigma Factor Cascade is Required for Global Circadian Transcriptional Rhythms in Cyanobacteria”
    Erin O’Shea Lab (MCB/CCB)
  • Gehrke, Jason
    “Developing High-precision CRISPR-Cas9 Base Editor Technologies”
    Keith Joung Lab (HMS)
  • Hussain, Saman 
    “The Role ofMreB in Producing Rod-shaped Bacterial Cells”
    Ethan Garner Lab (MCB)
  • Lee, James
    “Mapping the folding of pathway of an essential outer membrane protein by the P-barrel assembly machine”
    Dan Kahne Lab (CCB)
  • Menegas, William
    “Multiple dopamine systems: distinct anatomy, activity, and function of dopamine neuron populations defined by projection site”
    Nao Uchida Lab (MCB)
  • Montague, Tessa
    “Mesendoderm patterning by V gl/Nodal heterodimers”
    Alex Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Mutlu, Beste
    “Temporal regulation of chromatin organization during C. elegans embryogenesis”
    Susan Mango Lab (MCB)
  • Ordonez, Dalila
    “a-synuclein Induces Mitochondrial Dysfunction Through Spectrin and the Actin Cytoskeleton”
    Mel Feany Lab (HMS)
  • Piechura, Joseph
    “Circadian Clocks in the Real World: Effects of Dynamic Light Regimes on the Regulation of Circadian Gene Expression in Cyanobacteria”
    Erin O’Shea Lab (MCB/CCB)
  • Puszynska, Anna
    “On Clocks and Tuners: Cyanobacterial Strategies to Thrive in a Dynamic Environment”
    Erin O’Shea Lab (MCB/CCB)
  • Scholes, Clarissa
    “Integrating Regulatory Information in Eukaryotic Transcription”
    Angela DePace Lab (HMS Systems Bio)
  • Skutt-Kakaria, Kyobi
    “Establishment and Control of Behavioral Bias in Drosophila melanogaster”
    Ben de Bivort Lab (OEB)
  • Vong, Minh
    “Genomes of Small RNA Viruses: Amendments, Discoveries, and Characterizations”
    Max Nibert Lab (HMS)
  • Wang, Eddie
    “Intergenerational transmission of non-germline RN As in Caenorhabditis elegans”
    Craig Hunter Lab (MCB)
  • Weir, Nicholas
    “Msp 1 protects organelles through quality control of excess membrane proteins”
    Vlad Denic Lab (MCB)
  • Zepeda Rivera, Martha
    “Molecular mechanism for targeting a self-identity protein to the type VI system in Proteus mirabilis
    Karine Gibbs Lab (MCB)
  • Zhang, Yingying
    “Smcr8 collaborates with the ALS linked gene C9orf72 to inhibit autoimmunity and to regulate lysosome exocytosis”
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  • Zhu, Kexian
    “In vivo Gene Editing of Muscles and Muscle Stem Cells using AA V-CRISPR”
    Amy Wagers Lab (SCRB)

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