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2013 Dissertations

11 dissertations listed for 2013

  • Frank, Kiana
    “Linking Metabolic Rates with the Diversity and Functional Capacity of Endolithic Microbial Communities within Hydrothermal Vent Structures”
    Peter Girguis Lab (OEB)
  • Gleason, Emily
    “Conserved genetic modules controlling lateral organ development: Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 and ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 homologs in the lower eudicot Aquilegia (columbine).”
    Elena Kramer Lab (OEB)
  • Huberman, Lori
    “Studies on mating in the budding yeast”
    Andrew W Murray Lab (MCB)
  • McGee, John
    “Evolving a Direct Inhibitor of the Ras Proteins”
    Gregory L Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  • Nako, Entela
    “Using E. coli as an experimental system to study the behavior of prion-like proteins”
    Ann Hochschild Lab (HMS MICROBIO)
  • Nannas, Natalie
    “Investigation of force, kinetochores, and tension in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitotic spindle”
    Andrew W Murray Lab (MCB)
  • Slenn, Tamara
    “The ubiquitin ligase CRL4Cdt2 targets thymine DNA glycosylase for destruction during DNA replication and repair”
    Johannes Walter Lab (HMS)
  • TCW, Julia
    “Manipulating Somatic Cells to Remove Barriers in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Reprogramming”
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  • Ye, Albert
    “Development and Application of Lysate Microarray Technology for Quantitative Analysis of Human Disease”
    Gavin MacBeath Lab (HMS SYSBIO)
  • Zhang, Xiaoxiao
    “Cell Fate Decision in Early Embryonic Development”
    Andrew P. McMahon Lab (MCB)
  • Zhuang, Jimmy J
    “Phenotypes and genetic mechanisms of C. elegans enhanced RNAi”
    Craig P Hunter Lab (MCB)

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