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2011 Dissertations

19 dissertations listed for 2011

  • Ahn, Janice
    “Mechanisms of X-Chromosome Counting and Pairing in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells”
    Jeannie Lee Lab (HMS GENETICS)
  • Banse, Stephen S
    “Extracellular RNAs: Directing nuclear and cytoplasmic silencing from the pseudocoelom”
    Craig P Hunter Lab (MCB)
  • Berkovitch, Shaunna
    “An Oligonucleotide Sequence Targeting the CR4-CR5 Region of the Human Telomerase RNA”
    Gregory L Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  • Boulting, Gabriella L
    “Exploring the potential of human pluripotent stem cells as a platform for new ALS disease models”
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  • Chen, Huiyi
    “System-Wide Studies of Gene Expression in Escherichia coli by Fluorescence Microscopy and High Throughput Sequencing”
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  • Cook, Kristen
    “Regulation of genome-wide transcriptional stress responses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”
    Erin K O’Shea Lab (MCB)
  • Fomina-Yadlin, Dina
    “Small molecule inducers of insulin expression in pancreatic alpha cells”
    Stuart Schreiber Lab (CCB)
  • Freudiger, Christian
    “Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) Microscopy”
    X. Sunney Xie Lab (CCB)
  • Islam, Rizwana
    “A Putative Synaptic Priming Mechanism for Stable Memory in Drosophila”
    Sam Kunes Lab (MCB)
  • Malca, Hadar
    “The fate of parental histones during DNA replication in vitro”
    Nicole Francis Lab (MCB)
  • Mekhoubad, Shila
    “Dynamics of X-Chromosome Inactivation During Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Derivation, Maintenance, and Differentiation”
    Kevin Eggan Lab (SCRB)
  • Miller, Sarah
    “Structural and biochemical studies of retroviral reverse transcription initiation”
    Victoria D’Souza Lab (MCB)
  • Monahan, Kevin
    “CTCF and Cohesin are Required for Protocadherin alpha Gene Expression”
    Tom Maniatis Lab (MCB)
  • Rizvi, Abbas
    “Systems level studies of nutrient homeostasis”
    Erin K O’Shea Lab (MCB)
  • Robson, Drew
    “Thermal navigation in larval zebrafish”
    Alex F Schier Lab (MCB)
  • Samuels, Martin
    “Structural and Biochemical Studies of UvrA, the Bacterial NER DNA Damage Sensor, and the Biochemical Characterization of a Bacterial MCM Protein”
    David Jeruzalmi Lab (MCB)
  • Sung, Rou-Jia
    “Structural and Biochemical Studies of Lesion Recognition in Bacterial DNA Repair”
    Gregory L Verdine Lab (SCRB)
  • Tan, Kah Yong
    “Stem cell-based strategies to enhance muscle regeneration through extrinsic and intrinsic regulators”
    Amy Wagers Lab (SCRB)
  • Zhang, Xiaodong (Angela)
    “Molecular and behavioral mechanisms of aversive olfactory learning in C. elegans”
    Yun Zhang Lab (OEB)

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